SOOEW Chapter 210- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs L

Yang Sen reached for her waist and stopped her, avoiding a tragedy. When the nurse thanked him, he pressed on the brim of his head. When the person left, he smiled and questioned in a deep tone: “Have you not had a good rest recently?” It was rare that she would bump into people twice, and for the first time, he could understand that it was because of him, but the second time, he could determine that she was absent-minded.

They have been together so long, so many things don’t have to be spoken, and he could feel it.

“A little bit.” She admitted frankly, “The more people I am in charge of, the more business that results. There is no other way.”

He suddenly realized how tiring for her it was to force him. As the party supervising him, she would only put more spirit into the moment to wake him up and avoid him taking a detour. He spoke again, unconsciously softening his tone, “Your career is not as important as your physical body, do not force yourself too much.”

She glanced at him, and smiled, “If I don’t force myself, how can I raise the next movie emperor as soon as possible?”

“If you’re persistent in becoming a movie emperor, you don’t have to neglect what’s near to seek those far.” He suddenly said, “I can head over to you. “

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Wen Ying had some surprise, wanting to laugh. She had just wanted to speak, when suddenly, she discovered that his hand was still holding onto her waist, and from the beginning, he had not released it.

But without waiting for her to speak to remind them, she was interrupted by the sound from a distance.

“Wei——” Jiang Ke raised a single cane and knocked at the door frame, seemingly laughing and saying, “I said, aren’t you guys too much talking as no one’s here?”


Small theatre:

Jiang Ke: Shit, the cooked duck was actually carried away by the wolf? !

Yang Sen: Who did you say was a wolf?

Wen Ying: Who did you say was a duck??

Cooked: En? Where did you say my duck went?

Ning Xiao: Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Zhou Zhou: ↑ finding the sense of being.

Ning Xiao:( ˋ^ˊ)None of your business!

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