WFILTU Chapter 274 – Recruit I

Chu Sheng stood beside Xue Jiao and stared at Yi Tianyu who stood in front of them in surprise.

Was this……a confession?

Xue Jiao also doubted while turning back to look at him, saying: “What is it?”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes were focused and he stared at Xue Jiao tightly. He opened his mouth slightly and his voice was hoarse——

“Jiao Jiao.”

Xue Jiao’s heart jumped.

“I.…..” Yi Tianyu opened his mouth and spat out a word.

He was a little embarrassed. That’s right, he wanted to say——I like you.

Just then, when Teacher Zheng asked them to look at the stars, he was thinking about what he was doing? What was all this for?

He’s trying, for himself.

But when he saw the stars all over the sky, he only had Jiao Jiao in his mind, the bookworm that was his desk partner.

His head was full of her serious look, her smile, her eyes full of hope……

He likes her very much and wants to be her deskmate all the time.

But when he saw Xue Jiao’s eyes, he couldn’t say anything.

Nerd loved to learn so much, puppy love must be unacceptable to her, right? If he said what he thought.…..would she alienate him? Dislike him?

More importantly.…..he couldn’t say it.

Yi Tianyu’s mind turned around and finally, he stammered——

“Thank you, Jiao Jiao.”

Chu Sheng: “……”

In fact, he doesn’t surf the Internet very much, but he also listened to some Internet slang more or less from his classmates.

At this moment, Chu Sheng remembered a phrase, the trousers were all taken off, but you only showed me this???

Xue Jiao paused briefly, then suddenly returned: “Gratitude for what?”

Yi Tianyu’s eyes took a serious turn. He inhaled deeply: “Nerd, thank you for taking me to study, thank you for encouraging me to participate in the basketball game. I like basketball. That’s what I can’t give up all my life. “

Liking an excellent person, he was also gradually becoming excellent.

Xue Jiao was embarrassed to scratch her head and say, “That.…..was your own effort.…..”

But Chu Sheng was surprised: “You will not take over for your father in the future?”

Yi Tianyu nodded and looked up at the starry sky: “When I was young, the old man at home said that the company will be given to me and having me study will allow me to do a little more. It can also be said tempering me was to let me walk a different life. I used to think that I only liked to play, but I just thought about what I would do in the future. I think it’s much happier to spend my whole life with basketball than with my father’s company. “

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He was not suitable for business, his character is not suitable for the vanity of the market.

“Would your father beat you?”

“He would not.” Yi Tianyu said with a smile, “He can still work. He will agree to let me go out. If I succeed, he will support me. If I fail……I will go home and inherit property.”

“Your words deserved a beating.” Xue Jiao rolled her eyes.

Yi Tianyu looked at her, pretending to be joking, but his eyes were slightly serious——

“Then I’ll give you all my property, alright?”

Xue Jiao looked up at him and ran into his sincere and serious eyes.

These eyes seemed like they were swallowing Xue Jiao.

She paused slightly, flurrying away her vision, “I can’t do business, what do I want your family property for?”

“What do you want to do in the future?” Chu Sheng tilted his head.

Xue Jiao was silent for a few seconds and said firmly, “I will study mathematics, and research mathematics.”

Chu Sheng suddenly laughed, and his eyes were bright: “I want to learn physics, and research physics.”

She tilted her head and looked up to Chu Sheng, very seriously.

Xue Jiao suddenly smiled, stretching out a hand, with the back of her hand facing up.

“Let’s work hard together! To the future basketball stars, physicists. “

Yi Tianyu paused for a moment, grinned and folded his big palm.

“To the mathematicians and physicists of the future, come on!”

Chu Sheng then placed his hands on top.

“To the future basketball stars, mathematicians, work hard!”

All three of them said in one voice: “Come on——”

This was the wish of the three young people under the starry sky. They didn’t know whether they would succeed or fail in the future.

But as they were young, they were full of expectations.

From this moment on, they set sail.

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    • Chu Sheng knowing slang words are 🤣🤣🤣. I really can’t with him. Imagining a smart looking boy with glasses that had stoic face all day but secretly loved gossip and learnt internet slangs lol. I am truly glad he is platonic or else I will had heartache for him the whole journey.

  1. Thank goodness he didn’t ruin it with a confession 😳 So Tianyu is going to be a pro player? College bball player? Not go to college? Well at least he knows what his passion is

    Thanks for the chapter 😁

    • I think he’d started to realise the distance between his expectations and her perception 😅

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