WFILTU Chapter 275 – Recruit II

Year three starts on August 20, ten days earlier than year one or two.

There were some changes in class one, but there are also some that remained the same.

Some students left when their grades dropped, and some students seemed to have opened their two vital pulses, and rushed to the forefront at one stroke.

Last semester, Xue Jiao was ranked first, and Chu Sheng was only two points lower than her.

Every time, just for this one or two points, between Yin Fang and Li Ping, one would be proud and one would sigh.

“Wang Mingyu is a good student. He was a little bit playful last semester. As soon as he got serious this semester, he went straight to rank 12. He is a good student.” Li Ping looked at the list and nodded.

Yin Fang’s seat was opposite of his, and their private relationship was very good, but when it came to work, it was the relationship between enemies.

Hearing the other’s student suddenly come to the fore, Yin Fang quickly continued to see her own list.

“Li Pu is not bad either. He used to be in class 9. It’s said that he has been in first place all this time. He was in his 50s last semester, but he couldn’t come to the experimental class. Fortunately, this semester, he is ranked 21 in the grade, and is also very good.”

“Our class.…..”

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The Chinese teacher, Teacher Yuan, placed down his lesson preparation pen and said helplessly, “What’s the use of the two of you competing fiercely now? Don’t you still have to look at the results of the college entrance examination? “

Li Ping: “……”

Yin Fang: “……”

Teacher Yuan continued on: “Who is the student representative of the oath meeting?”

Yin Fang raised her chin and glanced at Li Ping. “It’s Gu Xuejiao from our class.”

“She got the first prize during last semester and the first prize in the mathematics competition. She is pretty good.” Teacher Yuan nodded.

Yin Fang suddenly thought of something. She turned her head and said to Teacher Yuan seriously, “Teacher Yuan, would you please watch Gu Xuejiao’s comments on the manuscript? Our number one represents the whole face of our year three. Let her write it off. “

“Write it off?” Li Ping raised his voice.

Yin Fang glared at him: “She can’t? Why can’t we write it off with her strength? “

“That’s not it, writing it off requires the student to not have stage fright, and it also requires students to waste a lot of time reciting the manuscript. For year three, every minute is a battle!” Li Ping slapped the table.

Yin Fang was startled and covered her heart.

But when you think about it, it seemed that Chu Sheng and Xue Jiao only had just one or two points difference. The first diagnostic test was coming. What if Chu Sheng overtakes her due to the ten days of waste that Xue Jiao had?

She turned to look at Teacher Yuan again: “Old Yuan, would you like to write one for her and give it to her to read on stage?”

Teacher Yuan: “……”

After a long time, Teacher Yuan choked out: “This is the student representative’s speech, not the teacher’s speech.… dare you let her speak the students’ voice?”

Yin Fang wrinkled tightly every day. She thought that Teacher Yuan’s words were reasonable, and she felt even more of a headache.

She looked at Li Ping: “Or let your class’s Chu Sheng speak.”

Li Ping did not even lift his head: “Not going.”

Yin Fang:”……”

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