SOOEW Chapter 211- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LI

If the two people can talk together back and forth, then with three people together, especially two men and one woman, the atmosphere will easily fall into an awkward silence.

Wen Ying first said to Jiang Ke, “Alright, I took time out of my busy schedule to see you. Who are you showing this face to?” She took the fruit from Yang Sen’s hand and put it by the head of the bed. She looked at the man who was obviously in a bad temper.

Jiang Ke, with his legs in plaster cast, looked like a big young master, “Are you busy coming to see me, or are you going on a date?” Yang Sen was standing beside him. He didn’t hit his crutch on his head when he saw them cuddling together. It already counted as good manners.

What does this count as?

The unofficial ex staged a reunion in front of his ward? !

“Came to date.” She answered without hesitation.


Jiang Ke was pissed off to the point his stomach hurt.

She glanced at him with a smile. “Date with you.”

He was stunned. Yang Sen, who was standing beside him, didn’t expect her reply. His face changed slightly.

“Didn’t we already make an appointment——” she handed him a pear. “Otherwise, what did you think?”

Jiang Ke and her fingertips touched, cold, but with a bite into the apple, it let his heart spread with an inexplicable taste. He asked, “has the apple been washed?”

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“Forget it.”

“.… doesn’t matter.” He gazed into her eyes, full of power, and blinked, “As long as it’s the apple you hand me, it’s delicious.”

She couldn’t help laughing.

Yang Sen has not been able to speak since they started. It was unknown why, when they were talking, he felt that he was out of place in this room. In the past, when the three people were present, it was mostly him and Jiang Ke conversing. Wen Ying stood next to him, and occasionally exchanged two arguments with Jiang Ke, and he stepped forward to adjust, but now the redundant person has become him. This made him feel a sense of loss.

When he saw Wen Ying amused by Jiang Ke, he couldn’t help thinking back, when they worked together, would she laugh? She often gave orders indifferently. Even in private, she gradually doesn’t like to laugh.

Seeing that Jiang Ke peeled an orange for her to eat, he couldn’t help saying, “She doesn’t like oranges.” He paused,” She has a constitution that’s on the dry side, while oranges and that type are more fiery so once she’s on fire, she has a headache.”


Jiang Ke stared at him, smiled and slowly took his hand back, but in the middle of the process, it was taken away by her.

“That was before. Later, I went to find Chinese medicine to recuperate. There’s nothing I can’t eat.” She spoke, as she placed an orange in her mouth.

“So it’s like this……” There was a moment of silence in the room. Jiang Ke felt that he couldn’t be too proud, so he forced the corner of his mouth down. Just before the atmosphere turned into embarrassment again, Yang Sen suddenly asked her, “What do you think of my previous proposal? Let’s go to Huandi and work with you. “

Jiang Ke immediately looked at him in surprise.

It was unexpected that he would ask Wen Ying for such a request.

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