WFILTU Chapter 276 – Recruit III

In the end, it was decided that Xue Jiao would take the pledge on September 1, which was also the day when year one and year  two students officially start school.

“Jiao Jiao, hurry up——” Li Sitong called downstairs.

Xue Jiao carried her school bag to head down. Cheng Shuo had already stood up, and straightened his collar again.

“Are you all going?” She was slightly puzzled.

“We’re going, we all went to your brother’s oath ceremony last year.”

Xue Jiao looked at the bright sun outside and said, “Today.… a little bit sunny.”

“It’s fine.” Cheng Shuo didn’t care, “Your mother and I have applied sun protection.”

Xue Jiao: “……”

Parents all attach great importance to students’ grades. Almost every student’s parents had come.

The school had expected this situation, the whole oath ceremony was held in the playground.

Parents were sitting on both sides of the ladder, and the rostrum was filled with the school leaders and several Education Bureau leaders.

The students also needed to walk square by square in one class. Xue Jiao was the plaque holder of class one. She arrived a little late. The students have already begun to practice under the reprimand of Yin Fang.

Xue Jiao quickened her steps and walked over, “teacher, I’m sorry I’m late.”

As she spoke, she took the sign that Yi Tianyu handed over.

As soon as Yin Fang saw her, her face that was serious immediately laughed: “It’s fine, it’s fine. Come back to the team. Is the plaque heavy? Can you carry it? “

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“It’s not heavy, I can carry it. Thank you for your concern, teacher.”

“Is the manuscript ready? The teacher said that it’s you who will be performing at the end of the speech.”

“Ready.” Xue Jiao answered very well-behaved.

Several boys in the back row looked at the front and gossiped——

“Wei, the nun really looks like an iceberg melting when she sees Gu Xuejiao.”

“If you are first place continuously, seven hundred something points, I promise, the nun will also see you the same way.”

“I just think the nun likes Gu Xuejiao too much. So do the other class teachers.”

“You don’t like Gu Xuejiao?” Someone asked.

“What are you talking about? What are you talking about?! Everyone please be quiet! ” Yi Tianyu yelled at them.

Several people immediately shut down the microphone.

There was a boy who had a good relationship with Yi Tianyu. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Brother Yu is jealous.”

“Hahaha——” All of a sudden, there was laughter everywhere.

“What nonsense are you speaking about! Gu Xuejiao and I are pure deskmates!” Yi Tianyu glared.

The person rolled his eyes: “Forget about it. You two are not at the same table now. Liu Jiaxue is her deskmate now.”

“Hahaha!” All the others laughed, “When we just divided the seats, Brother Yu was so angry that he almost tore apart the classroom.”

Yi Tianyu: “……”

That’s right, they have divided seats. They had just started school. Girls want to share tables with girls. Next to Xue Jiao was Liu Jiaxue.

Yi Tianyu was eighteen thousand miles away from her. He was unconvinced and quarreled with Yin Fang.

In the end, Yin Fang’s head hurting allowed him sit behind Xue Jiao, which calmed him down.

“Everyone shut up for me!” Yi Tianyu became angry from embarrassment.

Several boys shrugged.

It was normal for boys to be unconvinced with each other. Yi Tianyu was very popular. He was also the captain of the school basketball team, and he was excellent in all aspects.

Many boys didn’t dare to fight against him, but they were not satisfied with him.

Yi Tianyu went back to the last row, and the two boys who had just been yelled by him muttered two more words, and their voices were very low——

“What’s the big deal? Che~”

“That’s right, who does he think he is?”

“He’s really possessive over Gu Xuejiao, and Gu Xuejiao doesn’t necessarily like him!”

They spoke two words and didn’t speak again. Between the two people, there was one who sat next to Xue Jiao last semester, and was glared away by Yi Tianyu.

Yi Tianyu doesn’t know whether other people have opinions on him. He doesn’t care even if he knows.

His eyes have been staring at the girl in front of him, dressed in a common school uniform. Just the figure’s back made his heart beat faster.

Wu——how could anyone let him like them so much!

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