WFILTU Chapter 277 – Recruit IV

At nine o’clock, the oath ceremony officially began.

“Hello, is anyone here?” Cheng Shuo raised his head and looked for Xuejiao in the crowd. A voice comes from the side.

He looked back, a woman with heavy makeup and wearing very…….cooling clothes.

The woman was wearing sunglasses, and there was a man shrinking besides her.

Cheng Shuo told the truth: “no one.”

The woman with her head high, sat down.

Her skirt is very short, and it appears very, very short when she sits down.

Li Sitong pinched Cheng Shuo and glared at him: “what are you looking at!”

Cheng Shuo has no choice but to shrug his shoulders. He didn’t look at this woman. He just thinks that on such a day today, this person unexpectedly came dressed like this?

The woman obviously saw Li Sitong’s action, snorted haughtily, and then raised her chin higher.

Li Sitong watched open-eyed, her face full of disbelief.

Is there actually such a person in this world???

Next to her was Mrs. Qin. She pulled at her and lowered her voice: “Ignore her. It’s a waste of time to compete with such a person.”

Li Sitong inhaled deeply, thinking it’s true, just concentrated on staring down with Cheng Shuo.

The first speaker of the oath ceremony was the principal, followed by several leaders present at the meeting.

When these boring speeches are over, it’s time for the third years to parade.

“Here we go, here we go!” Li Sitong’s voice was excited.

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Year three parade, starting from the first, the first……is Xue Jiao’s class!

Cheng Shuo is also very excited and looks down expectantly.

“Chu Sheng! Chu Sheng!” Li Sitong holds Mrs. Qin’s hand excitedly. The leader of Class One is Xue Jiao, and Class Two is Chu Sheng!

Mrs. Qin is also very excited, the child’s small honor, falling in the eyes of parents, is full of delight.

The woman next to him rolled her eyes, only finding these to be people nervous and jumpy.

She turned her head and opened her mouth: “You——”

Her voice paused slightly, she was wearing sunglasses before, and did not look carefully.

Now looking at Li Sitong, she was surprised to see that the other party was wearing a big brand’s new style, and the bag was also a new style.

Her eyebrows slightly twisted and she raised her eyebrows, then look at Mrs. Qin sitting beside Li Sitong, who dresses a lot more low-key, but has a distinguished bearing, even making her think she is very powerful.

Huh? The woman wondered.

Soon after the parade was finished, it was time for the third year student representative to speak.

“Next, let’s welcome Gu Xuejiao, the student representative of year three, to speak on behalf of year three students!”

Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong and others immediately applauded with pride.

“Jiaojiao is very beautiful!” Mrs. Qin praised with a smile.

Li Sitong tilted her head and said with a smile: “And your family’s Chu Sheng is not excellent?”

“He’s really not as attractive as your Jiaojiao!”

“If you don’t want, then give him to me.” Li Sitong glared.

“Then you give me Jiaojiao, and we’ll exchange them!” Mrs. Qin smiles.

Before Li Sitong could say anything, Cheng Shuo couldn’t help saying: “We already have a son in our family. We don’t need to change our daughter……”

“Look, look, making your family Lao Cheng anxious! Hahaha” Mrs. Qin laughed more happily.

At this time, Jiao Jiao began to speak——

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