SOOEW Chapter 213- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LIII

Female fans were already crazy about it. There were also many people who once thought he was morally corrupt and snatched his friend’s girlfriend. They thought he was the third party between Yang Sen and Wen Ying. After watching the film, they suddenly recognized him.

“I admit that he has the capital for others to be infatuated with!”

“Ah, I didn’t like him very much at first. Wen Ying was still Yang Sen’s agent at that time. Whether Wen Ying was the first to tease or not, he had a problem with taking his friend’s woman! But after watching the movie, I suddenly feel, mom, I didn’t guess incorrectly that he was this kind of person, but he’s so damn handsome ahahah!”

At the same time, his play has also been recognized by people.

“It’s great. I’ve seen his video of practicing martial arts in private. He really works very hard. This kind of spirit should be learned by all the newbies who only know how to sell their faces nowadays!”

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“Is there a sequel to the movie? The drama was so wonderful. I laughed to death when he used the crutch as a pivot point. He was beaten around and didn’t fall down when he was killed! This lets a person squeeze out sweat and laugh into a stomachache.”

After a period of low popularity, “Unconventional Path” has made him more popular. The number of Weibo fans seems to exceed that of Yang Sen. The film director has contacted Wen Ying to discuss the shooting of the sequel.

Because she was in a critical period, Wen Ying naturally spent more time with Jiang Ke, and less time was allocated to other people. It rained that day. When she came home, she suddenly found Ning Xiao standing under the building, drenched in the rain. He looked very embarrassed, and didn’t look like a popular male star at all.

She joked: “What’s the matter, the new male lead looking for inspiration?”

“Who’s looking for inspiration! I just want to ask, are you——going to stop taking care of me? ” He opened his eyes with difficulty in the rain and said, “If you don’t want to take care of me, let’s terminate the contract as soon as possible, so I can go to another agent. Now that I’m popular, there are some people who want to cooperate with me. Don’t think I’m a pathetic person nobody wants! “

She paused, “How are you suddenly saying such words?”

“Isn’t it like this?” He asked in return, “Where were you when I was shooting the movie, where were you when it was previewing? You went to see Zhou Zhou’s training class, accompanied Jiang Ke’s roadshow, but just because my play cost the least, earned the least, and didn’t have the chance to win the prize, you didn’t even care?” He looked at her accusingly. His long eyelashes were wet by the rain. They stuck to his eyes, which made him have to blink again and again.

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