WFILTU Chapter 278 – Recruit V

“Dear teachers, guests and students, Hello! I’m Gu Xuejiao, the student representative of class one for year three. “

The woman next to Cheng Shuo was stunned. She had just heard that the couple next to her were the parents of the little girl on stage. The couple next to them were Chu Sheng’s parents.

So this little girl was Gu Xuejiao!

She hadn’t come to the parents’ meeting before, but had read the report card brought back by her child’s father.

Ranked first was Xue Jiao, and ranked second was Chu Sheng. Their scores were out of reach.

The woman’s eyes changed a little. She wanted to say something. When she saw that the other person was listening carefully, she endured it.

On the stage, Xue Jiao was a little nervous, but she quickly adjusted her mood and continued to carry on reciting the manuscript.

This manuscript was checked by Yin Fang and Teacher Yuan. The front portion was to thank the school, the leadership, and the back portion was used to thank the teachers. Finally, she promised that they would certainly be serious.

She recited it in one breath, looked down at her students, and the parents sitting on both sides listening carefully.

The college entrance examination was the most important thing for many people and families.

When she finished reciting, Yin Fang laughed, raised her hand and was ready to start clapping.

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply——

“My brother once told me that year three is very tiring. Everyone is very tired. Teachers are tired, parents are tired, and students are even more tired.”

Yin Fang’s smile froze.

Was this in the manuscript?!

Gu Xuejiao.…..what do you want to do?!

“But even if we are this tired, we still have to bite our teeth and continue on. For more than ten years, we have been in the classroom for more than ten years. The college entrance examination is a one-off business. They will interview the top student, the students who tested into top universities and the teachers with the highest success rate.”

She looked down at the students with their heads up——

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“But no one comes to interview us if we tried? How much sweat have we put in? How many more papers have we done? “

Xue Jiao’s eyes teared up: “The college entrance examination is no fluke. Without enough effort, you would become the person who was eliminated. If you don’t want to regret it many years later, you must work hard this year. Fortunately, we still have one year to go. Even if we start afresh, as long as we work hard enough, we still have satisfactory answers. Now, we are in the time when the older students who failed the college entrance examination last year want to return to!”

“Close your eyes and imagine that today next year, we didn’t go to university, or we are going to an unsatisfied school with an unsatisfied admission notice.”

Her eyes were closed, the following students could not help but follow her and close theirs, imagining the picture, simultaneously.

Almost everyone frowned.

“I’ve always been asked why I did so well? Why can I do this problem? Why does that question work? I want to say——it’s because I’m working hard. We still have enough time right now. We are now in the days we most want to return back to after the college entrance examination. “

Xue Jiao opened her eyes and held back her tears.

She was so lucky that she had a chance to restart life again.

But how many people have the chance to restart life?

“Students, today is a new starting point for us. It’s the beginning of our struggle for the future. Our efforts are to rewrite life! Now, as long as you work hard, there will be time. The third year of high school is very hard, but we must not let it go in vain! “

In this lifetime, Gu Xuejiao, even if her grades were not good, Cheng Shuo can send her to study abroad.

But in her last life, Xue Jiao used the college entrance examination to turn over from the bottom of her life.

For most ordinary people, and ordinary families, the college entrance examination was equivalent to rewriting fate.

Her voice increased in pitch——

“I wish the students to sweat through their achievements, work hard into a good harvest, turn against the wind, and receive the golden list!”

Xue Jiao went to the side, bent down and bowed.

“Thank you. That’s the end of my speech.”

“Papapapa——” thunderous applause.

Many students were red eyed, clapping hard and full of fighting spirit.

Yin Fang’s ugly face slowly warmed up. She continued her movements from just now, and clapped her hands.

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    • She nearly had heart attack because Xue Jiao said something that isn’t in the speech draft. In this kind of speech, homeroom teacher and teacher native language had to check the speech to ensure it is appropriate since it is important. I can understand Yin Fang’s worry. She is relieved and clapped when she heard that there is nothing wrong with the additional impromptu part.

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  2. I wonder if fate really helped our original Gu XueJiao by sending her to Xue Jiao’s original world? Just realised, Xue Jiao already done college entrance examination and only waiting for the result. Maybe she is accepted and Gu XueJiao in her stead got lucky to at least guaranteed to enter college?

    • She could attended college. But, she still have to fill in her brain to catch up with XJ’s skill. Or else, she might lose the scholarship. In addition, she would be a poor orphan and she need to work for her living expenses while attending college.
      It’ll be hard for the ori-GXJ to start a new and redeem herself in such harder environment (compared to her life with the Cheng). That’s unless she acknowledged her mistake/foolishness, forgave herself, and promised herself to not make such foolishness, then move forward.

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