WFILTU Chapter 279 – Recruit VI

In the distance, under an unobtrusive tree.

Lin Zhihua smiled and shook his head: “This girl.…..”

“Boss.” Chen Yan approached respectfully.

Lin Zhihua turned around: “Is the time almost up?”

Chen Yan nodded: “There is still one and a half hours left for the plane to Beijing. It would take us 40 minutes to get there.”

“All right, let’s go.” Lin Zhihua said softly.

He took a deep look at the girl who was stepping down with a smile.

He turned around and strode away.


Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong couldn’t help but stand up and applaud with joy!

“Jiao Jiao! Good job!”

“I want to exchange kids with you again.” Madam Qin said with a smile and envious eyes.

Probably many parents who had no daughter all want to have a small cotton padded jacket.

Li Sitong angrily stared at her: “No need for a change, not changing.”

The woman next to Cheng Shuo couldn’t endure it. She turned to Cheng Shuo and said, “Hello, big brother. Is your daughter Gu Xuejiao? My daughter is Liu Jiaxue. She is.…..”

“The teacher has already begun to speak, Old Cheng. Listen carefully.” Li Sitong looked over with a smile.

“Alright, good.” Cheng Shuo looked up towards the platform. He doesn’t really want to listen to that woman from the beginning.

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But.….. her daughter was nevertheless classmate Xue Jiao?

The woman’s eyes widened, her face was unbelievable, and then she was angry and muttered——

“I don’t want to rob your man. Why are you so stern?”

The shrinking man beside the woman pulled at her: “Stop talking.…..”

“I know, I know!” The woman gave him an impatient look.

The teachers also only sent one representative from each department, and they were basically the teachers from year one or two.

They talk about the arrangement and plans for year three, what the teachers will do, and the cooperation that parents should make.

Even if they have carried students from one session to another, they were still very serious.

By the end of the whole oath ceremony, it was already noon.

The parents rushed to the teacher. Cheng Shuo and Chu Sheng’s father brought their wives and walked slowly to Xue Jiao and Chu Sheng.

The woman also wanted to go to Yin Fang, but on the way she met a teacher surrounded by several parents.

Her eyes lit up and she pulled the teacher out of the crowd.

“Brother-in-law, you teach biology class one or two. What’s the origin of those two? Those two women look like that oh~”

The woman took off her sunglasses, pointed to the two couples over there and tilted her lips.

“Sister, who is it?” The teacher’s face was blank, and there were parents everywhere. He really didn’t know who the woman was pointing at.

“It’s Gu Xuejiao’s parents and Chu Sheng’s parents.”

“My good girl, my close little sister. How did you offend them?”

“How have I offended them? They’ve been stimulating me all this time! “

With a helpless face, the biology teacher sighed: “Gu Xuejiao’s father is the boss of Pengcheng, his brother is Cheng Mingze who was recommended to Tsinghua University last year, and Chu Sheng’s father is the head of the audit department.…..”

“What?” The woman was so shocked that she even removed her sunglasses.

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  3. Oh it is not Lin’s family side.. it is JiaoJiao new deskmate. Liu Jiaxue huh? Hm. Trouble?

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  4. Oh are they gonna be trouble? That sucks. I was hoping that MC would finally be able to make a female friend -.-‘ she’s a little too alone

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