SOOEW Chapter 214- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LIV

“Really.…..” She rubbed his head and said with a smile, “If you’re not pitiful, who’s pitiful?”

“I’ve already said it——” before he finished speaking, his hand was grabbed by her. “What are you doing? I’m not going up, we’ll leave after we finish speaking. I don’t want to create a scandal with you.…..”

He protested all the way, but she led him all the way upstairs.

Wen Ying didn’t understand the crux of his outburst until she covered his head with a big towel. She said with a smile: “Uou, you just depend on me too much. If one day I’m not with you, what would you do?”

He almost wanted to blow up again. He lifted half of the towel and saw the milk she placed in front of him. He stifled it back and muttered, “How can you not be here? Do you really want to terminate the contract with me?”

“Even if we don’t terminate our contract now, I may fade out of the entertainment industry or get married and have children in the future.…..”

“Then stay with me!” He said abruptly, “Stay with me, and I can relaxedly rely on you. I’ll make more money for you than Jiang Ke. He’ll pass sooner or later. I’ve just started! ” He began to trample on the predecessors he had worshipped before.

She wiped his hair with the towel. Hearing this, he smiled, “Money is not a problem, but aren’t you afraid?”


“Aren’t you afraid of me going out to hunt?” Her hand slipped down, falling vaguely on his leg, and leaned close to him, “I’m a woman with a criminal record. If a handsome boy turns around, I can’t help but reach out……”

“.…..” His heart beat quickly, his face changed several times, and then the words came out of his teeth, “It’s-nothing!”

She didn’t expect that he would say such words. She was a little surprised. She only chuckled when she saw his angry eyes.

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So it wasn’t that he didn’t care, but he was just forcing himself to fight with her?

“What a nice look.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss in the corner of his eyes. “Keep it up.”

Ning Xiao felt the moment that she kissed him. His blood rushed to his head, and his heart was about to jump out. It took him a long time to respond: “……what?”

“Didn’t you say that I don’t care about you?” She found a script from the pile of scripts on the coffee table and placed it in front of him. “I’ve prepared this for you. I was just waiting for your free time.”

He was still in a dazed state, “Oh.…..”

Wen Ying opened the first page and said with a smile, “Look at it, this role will make you the next movie emperor.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw that he suddenly woke up from his dizzy state and looked over.


Small gathering:

Convergence version

Ning Xiao: ……the favor came so suddenly that I was unprepared.

Zhou Zhou: (turning on the TV without saying a word)

Ning Xiao: ? What are you doing? Why do you give up on yourself?

Zhou Zhou: (transferring to the weather station)

Weather forecast: Cloudy with a chance of showers……

Ning Xiao: ? ?

Zhou Zhou: I’ll wait for her downstairs tomorrow.

Ning Xiao: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻Laughing at who? ! I definitely didn’t pretend to be pitiful in the rain and then get kissed, alright!

[Arrogant version]

Ning Xiao: Movie Emperor? ! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, these facts prove, who laughs to the last point, laughs best!

Zhou Zhou: Today is not the last chapter. Continue to laugh.

Ning Xiao: ……smile then smile! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha kekeke……

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