WFILTU Chapter 280 – First Mock Exam I

The woman was Qian Yu. Don’t look at her rich style of dressing up, in fact, her family situation was average compared to Cheng Shuo.

The family opened a fairly large restaurant, but there was only that one, which had a considerable income, but was far from being rich.

Peng Cheng and the audit bureau were both not at the same level as her.

Either side could squash her at will.

Qian Yu stuttered. “I shouldn’t have offended them right……”

“Sister, with your personality, you have most likely offended the other, but it should be fine. The two families both wouldn’t do much. You see, Teacher Yin has often criticized Gu Xuejiao before, yet they haven’t done much.” The biology teacher soothed her with a couple of phrases. His sister, this person was not bad, but her character sometimes gave people a headache.

Qian Yu stared at him. “What do you know? Teacher Yin has a big background. Besides, she is a teacher. She certainly doesn’t care.”

She suddenly thought of it, and said, “I shouldn’t have offended them just now. Ever since realizing that they were the parents of the valedictorian and the salutatorian, I had a very good attitude, but it’s just that the other ignored me. This shouldn’t be blamed on me, they shouldn’t be so stingy right?”


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Even if they have already offended them, they still had no way to solve it. Qian Yu left the matter behind her head and asked, “What had happened to Jiaxue’s grades this year? It has dropped from the first ten ranked to the thirtieth in the grade. Can she even attend Qingbei in this way?”

“Sister, you placed too much pressure on Jiaxue.”

“When did I place pressure on her.”

“Your situation still cannot be described as giving pressure yet?” the biology teacher rolled his eyes.

“Forget it, forget it. I don’t want to speak to you. I’ll go find Jiaxue, this little sea monkey. She saw mom coming and he didn’t even know to come greet me.”

After that, Qian Yu left hastily.

At this time, Cheng Shuo was ready to bring Li Sitong out of school.

“Aren’t we going to find Teacher Yin to have a discussion?” Li Sitong paused slightly.

Shouldn’t they find the teacher to understand the situation in their studies? How could they leave right away?

Cheng Shuo laughingly said “Jiao Jiao is currently in a good learning situation. We just need to keep up with her every nutritious meal. As for the others, Jiao Jiao has a good understanding in her mind, right?”

Xue Jiao nodded “Yes, mom, don’t worry about it. Go back. Dad still needs to head to the company.”

Cheng Shuo has been very busy recently. Since he decided to move, he had to start to plan and prepare. Even Lin Shi did not take so long to move.

“All right.” Li Sitong reluctantly nodded.

The two walked out of the gate and Cheng Shuo said, “I’ll take you home first.”

“No no, you drive to the company. I’ll take a taxi to the supermarket.” Li Sitong shook her head.

Cheng Shuo was surprised. “Vegetable market? You want to buy stuff?”

He was shocked. Li Sitong could be said to be a princess in the old days. She would not do anything like…… buying vegetables in the food market.

“En, I heard Sister Li say it before. The supermarket is very partial, but there are many authentic mountain goods. I’ll buy some walnuts for Jiao Jiao to help her brain.”

Cheng Shuo “……Go.”

He felt sorry for Xue Jiao.

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