SOOEW Chapter 215- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LV

He was cheated!

Ning Xiao carefully read through the script, only to find out that he was cheated.

This was a criminal suspense movie. The plot of the script was compact and logical. He read it all at once and it was quite dark. But soon he found out, after reading for so long, who was the male lead? The protagonist of the play was a policeman and a bandit, and the scene can be said to be on a par. It’s quite like a movie with two male leads.

It originally didn’t matter, but she said that the role of the film could make him become the movie emperor.

It was even more difficult for a double lead movie to win the title. If the opponent’s actors perform poorly, the whole movie will be ruined. How can we even talk about movie emperor? But if they are equal and each is good at winning…… who can win the prize? It’s not appropriate to give it to anyone.

Once upon a time, there was a world in which the judges awarded the awards to the absolute protagonists of another film, even if the other party’s acting skills were not as brilliant as the other two. After that, although public opinion condemned the judges for being irresponsible, which caused a lot of pressure on them, all the male stars who wanted to win awards avoided the double male lead movies.

He spread the script on his lap and asked Wen Ying, “Which role are you going to let me play?”

“The police role.” Her long fingernails were on the police’s name, “full of a sense of justice, eager to make progress, seemingly careless, but very careful in the process of searching and finding clues.”

“Then who is the murderer?” He had a bad feeling.

“Jiang Ke.” There was a smile in her eyes, as if it was for his sudden alertness. “His last role happened to be a gangster boss who was also good and evil. It’s natural for him to take on a more profound role to temper himself. As for you, the result of using that film to test the market was very good. The audience has successfully accepted your present identity, and would not imprison your choice of films because of your former identity as a child star. So you can try this theme, but you still need a relatively positive image. “

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She gave a very reasonable explanation. It was a very good film, and a suitable role for him.


“Of course, I can’t predict the real market reaction, but I believe you two can interpret the role very well with your acting skills and abilities.”

Listening to her words, Ning Xiao was slightly surprised and said, “Wait a minute——I haven’t said I’m going to pick the script up……”

“You don’t want to accept it?” Wen Ying looked at him in surprise, “Are you afraid that Jiang Ke would take your spotlight?”

“How could it be!”

He doesn’t want to act in the same movie as Jiang Ke. Wouldn’t they have to meet everyday then! At that time, she’ll be there too……

“Then are you worried that your acting skills aren’t as good as Jiang Ke?”

“Ha, you’re kidding. He’s made fewer films than ones in which I’ve been cut off in!” After Ning Xiao subconsciously refuted it, he suddenly felt that his sentence was not quite right, but he saw that Wen Ying seemed to have already started to laugh.

“What other questions do you have?”

He thought about it and said slowly: “I also don’t have any problems la……” He was itching to ask her about what happened to the “movie emperor” she just said now, but when he saw her smile, he couldn’t help reddening his ears and passing his eyes over.

Forget it. He thought.

The title of the movie emperor should be won by himself. She couldn’t guarantee anything. Even if he doesn’t win the prize, it was enough to make him eager to try to suppress Jiang Ke on the set.

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