SOOEW Chapter 216- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LVI

Wen Ying looked at him full of fighting spirit and nodded softly. Even if she can’t confirm whether they would win the prize in the end, it would be fine to produce a good work in their current state. Not to mention——

She knows the power of this film. In the original track, this film would cause people’s shock and hot discussion, because this was the only movie where the killer was not punished at the end of the movie. In other words, in the end, no one could find enough clues to prove that Jiang Ke’s character would be the real murderer, including the audience from the perspective of God. The final theme of this crime suspense movie was not traditional justice, but law.

It told people that there were countless tributaries in people’s hearts, flowing to different places, virtue, evil, good, bad, vicious, naive, and no one could deny the other part of themselves. So the standard of judgment was only the law. Even if the law was also decided by people, it was not perfect, and it was likely to let the prisoners run away, but relative to all calm subjective, it was cold, rational and trustworthy.

This film attracted many discussions and quarrels, with different praise and criticism, but it also let countless people into the cinema, and also won many awards.

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Of course, in the original track, the director of the film was not well-known, and the script was not popular, so the actors were not well-known, and their acting skills were all ordinary, and most of the awards were for filming, directing, editing and so on.

This time, Wen Ying found her way to the door herself, which is no different from a pie falling from the air for the crew. She was very welcomed.

Just when Ning Xiao and Jiang Ke joined the black and white crew, the shooting of Zhou Zhou’s fantasy film on the voyage of the universe came to an end. Due to a long preparatory work, he entered the shooting period only when the other two finished one play each. In the process, Zhou Zhou decided to refuse the invitation of other troupes and concentrate on the play, which also made Director Yin Cheng praise him more.

After he finished, Wen Ying gave him a period of vacation to adjust himself. At the same time, Yun Ou was responsible for keeping a certain degree of exposure for him. After that, she had to spend more energy on another production group.

The other crew was obviously more lively. Jiang Ke and Ning Xiao smiled politely on the surface and praised each other. In private, including in front of Wen Ying, they fight in full swing, just like two male peacocks with nowhere to vent their energy, showing off their feathers to each other.

But such opposition had obvious advantages. The two people in the play had opposite roles. The original relationship between the two protagonists was harmonious, neither good nor bad. There was always a lack of tension in the process of the play. Of course, this tension could be made up by acting skills, but it was difficult for them. Now, even when Ning Xiao and Jiang Ke were at peace, there was a smell of gunpowder. If Wen Ying was present, the smell of gunpowder would explode like a fire.

Therefore, many of the crew members have ambiguous eyes when they see Wen Ying. Of course, the director absolutely welcomes Wen Ying’s appearance. According to his rude words, when they were not deep enough into the play, her arrival was like a dose of aphrodisiac. No matter what kind of play it was, it would stimulate their fighting spirit, tear down their moves and let their performance attain a higher level.

During this period, “The Universe Sets Sail” was released, which was a very interesting film from the screen editing to the character performance. With the opening of doomsday and the establishment of Noah’s Ark, people who were full of desire to explore the universe set sail to the interstellar universe. On the way, they encountered all kinds of dangers, and there were contradictions and divisions within human beings. Finally, people found a planet similar to Earth.

Based on the heavy tone of the end of the world, there were many descriptions of human nature in this film, but it generally held a positive and bright trend. After the endless darkness, it gave people infinite hope.

“The start was too depressing, and the end suddenly brightened. It’s a pretty good film.”

“Let me take a breather first. I liked Zhou Zhou very much when I saw 《Cheng Emperor》 but because he didn’t produce any other works, I forgot. I didn’t expect to see him in Director Yin’s film. He was actually still the male lead. Surprise!!”

“It’s said that there were a lot of green screen plays, right? The post editing was very powerful, and the scenes changed frequently. It seemed that each of them was very involved in the play. Only when Zhou Zhou was photographed was there a long shot. Every look was very dramatic. His interpretation was always unexpected and reasonable. “

“This actor was the biggest surprise of the film!”

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