WFILTU Chapter 283 – First Mock Exam IV

Yi Tianyu extended his head and watched Xue Jiao review her studies——

“Nerd, why can you and Chu Sheng not listen to class, but I have to listen to the class. We three all had classes together with Teacher Zheng.”

Xue Jiao did not even lift her head, and turned over a page.

“You were only in one round, we were in round two, and also……”

“And also what?” Yi Tianyu blinked his eyes.

Xue Jiao fake laughed “And don’t say that you and we had classes together with Teacher Zheng. We used to have classes together in school, but our grades……”

“Don’t say it, don’t say anymore” Yi Tianyu made a gesture of surrender.

Xue Jiao lifted her mouth, her mouth’s angle moved slightly, and her sight retracted.

Next to her, Liu Jiaxue looked at the two people speaking. When Yi Tianyu spoke, she never dared to intervene.

When they finished speaking, she said to Xue Jiao enviously, “You sure have the courage. I dare not speak to the teacher. I also went to supplementary classes during summer vacation.”

Xue Jiao looked seriously at her. “Learning is your own thing, If there is a very good rhythm, it is really unnecessary to follow the teacher. There is nothing to fear, but following the teacher’s path also has benefits. You must know your own situation, how to be the best for yourself, and only you, yourself knows best. “

After her words, Liu Jiaxue was left in a moment of confusion.

Xue Jiao continued to reason, “For example, the teacher bought us two sets of review materials for each department this semester, but this was bought by the teacher according to most cases, so that more people can adapt and they could help more people lay their foundations, but my foundation is good for the time being, so it needs to be more suitable for my difficulty, so I have added two more review books by myself. It may not be suitable for others, but it must be suitable for me.”

Xue Jiao’s words ended here. She took back her sight and continued her progress.

After a long time, Liu Jiaxue said, “I’d better follow the teacher during class.”

She did not know whether she should follow the teacher. It was as if she was not following the teacher, she would be afraid that she would not learn well or miss some knowledge.

Follow the teacher……

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Then she also felt that academic achievers like Gu Xuejiao and Chu Sheng all did not follow along with the teachers.

She was in a daze for a moment, but soon, she realized that she was afraid to tell the teacher, so she listened to the teacher with a peaceful heart.

In the first half of the month, Qi Zhong’s first round of review had ended.

The first mock exam also officially began.

“This time, it is a real simulation of the college entrance examination. Students, you should fight it just as you would the college entrance examination, and give out all your total strength. The scores will be sent to your parents, and students who have got good exam results will be rewarded according to the online situation. We will find the parents of those students with poor test results to have a discussion with.”

“Ah——” when the message passed down, the whole classroom howled in a flash.

“Why does our first mock exam start so early?”

“This is what our province is like.”

“Lies, in our province, only we and Yi Zhong are the best. The mock exam that our school and Yi Zhong creates are used by the whole province. If it weren’t for our school testing the mock exam now, how could the whole province be like this?

“Why is our school having the mock exam so early?”

“How would I know this? It seems like our school tested out this. It’s best to hold the mock exam at this time for reviewing. “

“The school would probably never harm us. At most, we just need to work harder.”



No matter how the students heaved great sighs, when it hit the end of September, the mock exam started like a raging fire.

“Jiao Jiao, come, and eat the walnuts.” Li Sitong brought out a peeled walnut and placed a glass of milk on the table.

Xue Jiao’s face suddenly collapsed, and she depressedly said, “Mom……can I eat less walnuts. If I eat anymore walnuts, I will turn into one.”

“I’m using science here. It’s more suitable to eat some walnuts everyday. I always follow the schedule to peel it for you. Hurry and eat it, eat it and hurry to school. Today is the mock exam, you have to preserve your first place!”

Xue Jiao sighed and ate the walnuts in despair.

Li Sitong went back to the kitchen. Xue Jiao stood up immediately and grabbed the walnut on the plate with one hand.

“Mom, I will eat it on my way! There’s not enough time! Dad, goodbye!”

As she finished speaking, Xue Jiao quickly changed her shoes, carrying her school bag and rushed out.

“You come——” Li Sitong yelled.

“Sitong, don’t shout.” Cheng Shuo spoke.

Li Sitong immediately stopped her voice, looked over, and with a point of dissatisfaction, “I and Sister Wang have peeled it for so long. She will lose it for sure if she takes it out.”

Cheng Shuo smiled and patted next to himself, and Li Sitong sat down in one breath.

“I should have called her back and let her leave after she finishes eating it!”

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  1. I dont know… it really became all about studying… well it says so in the the novel title but God is really a lot of it. Would like some other interests rather than only being stuck in the book all day and night… lets see

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    • It may sound repetitive but it reflects pretty well what a real chinese high school student’s life look like. At least from what I know.

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