SOOEW Chapter 217- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LVII

In the entertainment industry, there are always some people who have different positions. They have unique characteristics. Each performance can be divided into independent individuals, but their own characteristics are like a kind of imprint, which cannot be erased on the characters. As soon as the film came out, Zhou Zhou got the name of “magnet” to reflect the climax of his performance.

Director Yin Cheng mentioned in an interview that Zhou Zhou had unique opinions on the characters. Even if he told the other person these ideas completely, the other person would not be able to perform like him.

In other words, he was an irreplaceable actor.

He played the role, branded his imprint, and would not let the audience rise with the idea of “letting XX try is also a good idea.”

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The box office of “The Universe Sets Sail” was not as good as Jiang Ke’s “Unconventional Path”, but before the Golden Horn award was issued, it had already reaped many film awards. In the same year, “Black and White” was released, it caught up with the tail of the Golden Horn award, and submitted an application for selection.

As soon as “Black and White” was published, it was like throwing a huge stone in the calm lake, which caused a great response.

“@XXPing’an, come here and catch the bad guys @Jiang Ke!”

“The killer should be him! No matter which angle I view it from, it’s him. Ah ah ah, I actually saw a movie without an ending. What did the pangolin 1 doing?” to which the pangolin made a reply. After hearing the reply, the bunny committed suicide. Just as everyone was wondering what the pangolin had said, the condemned pangolin was sentenced to death. actually say!!”

“I think this ending was quite interesting. Indeed, there was not enough evidence. It is too rash to judge that he is the real murderer by subjective assumption. Is it possible that a society in which public knowledge prevails over the law will have absolute fairness? On the contrary, it will cause social chaos. “

“I don’t agree with upstairs. Since the grey area exists, it is necessary to exist. Many things that can’t be solved by law need someone to show justice! After watching the movie, does anyone think the killer is not him?! Many clues point to him, but just because the evidence is insufficient, they cannot capture him. There are too many of such cases in society. If we let the tiger go back to the mountain, we can only wait until the next incident is committed and recreated into a tragedy before we can arrest them.”

“In the final analysis, there are too many people who live a simple life and the ability of the police is not high enough.”

“Upstairs is ignorant. You just need to take a look @Ning Xiao to understand the complexity of this role. He often uses his life to solve these cases. Police officers are also human. Do we have to force them to change their roles for the world to be at peace? ‘If you uninstall antivirus software, you wouldn’t detect the bandit logic of “virus” ?!”

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