WFILTU Chapter 284 – First Mock Exam V

“Jiao Jiao doesn’t like to eat walnuts. You are forcing her like this.” Cheng Shuo hugged Li Sitong. “But it’s also very good. Don’t you think that Jiao Jiao is getting more intimate with us? There is also a lot less distance. This is what a child should be like.”

Li Sitong was in a daze.

Cheng Shuo continued, “If you give her walnuts, she would say thank you, and eat it quietly. No matter how much she doesn’t like it, she would continue to finish it. Would you be satisfied with this situation?”

Li Sitong shook her head subconsciously.

Cheng Shuo laughed, “You love her, I know, but you should love her correctly. She is naughty at this moment, you can lecture her, but you can’t get angry.”

“Okay.” Li Sitong nodded heavily.

Then she reached out and hugged Cheng Shuo. “Old Cheng, thank you. I wouldn’t know how to be a mother without you.”

She had many problems and was still slowly correcting them.

The process was a bit difficult, but it was something that has to be experienced.


When Xue Jiao arrived at school, many people had already come. Her position was always in class one and she didn’t have to go to the other classrooms early.

“Nerd, you’re here!” Yi Tianyu placed down the cup and his eyes brightened.

Xue Jiao approached, Liu Jiaxue also walked over, approaching Xue Jiao

“You’re here.”

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“En, you guys are so early.”

“There’s no way, the old man forced it.” Yi Tianyu shrugged.

Liu Jiaxue didn’t explain it, and Xue Jiao didn’t ask any more either.

“Come, let me invite you guys to eat walnuts and replenish your brain. I hope you have enough brains to use for the exam today.” She turned her hand, it was filled with a large bunch of walnuts.

“Yo, nerd how are you so good,” Yi Tianyu spoke, while taking the first half.

For the rest, Liu Jiaxue reached out her hand, then hesitated to take it away.

Xue Jiao took out her hand and gave it all to her.

“You guys eat, eat.”

Liu Jiaxue looked at her with a moved expression, “Jiao Jiao, don’t you want to eat? Let’s eat together.”

“I’ve eaten it! You can eat it!” Xue Jiao said eagerly.

Liu Jiaxue’s eyes reddened. “You’re so good, Jiao Jiao.”

Jiao Jiao was the best friend she had ever met and the best person she had ever met!

Xue Jiao turned her sight away with some embarrassment, her face slightly embarrassed.

She took out her Chinese text and reviewed the text before the exam.

Yi Tianyu and Liu Jiaxue saw her like this, took out their book, and began to turn it.


As soon as the two-day examination was over, it would be the national day, which was as long as seven days.

It may also be the longest vacation of year three, because…… this year’s winter vacation was also only seven days.

As soon as the test was finished, the students compared answers while crazily cheering, and the whole atmosphere became lively.

“Quiet” Yin Fang came in and roared.

Suddenly, everyone was quiet.

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  1. I like how they acknowledge Sitong wasn’t a good mother and also they show the growth between her & Jiaojiao’s relationship

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