SOOEW Chapter 218- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LVIII

It was not only a hot discussion on the Internet, but also comments from all walks of life, especially the top students and experts in related disciplines, as well as the big V movie makers, analyzed who the real culprit was. They debated logic between each other and fought in the air.

The names of Jiang Ke and Ning Xiao were repeatedly mentioned in the drama, and their performances are also praised. Many of their opposing scenes were clipped by the excited screenshots of fans, expressing “inexplicably excited, the fight in their eyes is too fierce! I can climax without them saying the lines!” “ Thank you. I will eat this pair of CP! ““ Ahah, where are the gurus? Kneel down and beg for CP! “

Many online painters and writers have produced works of their own. They were crazy about the evil spirit and insane criminal X the hot-blooded little police, and the play was in full swing.

Just when the two films were hot, in early October, the shortlist for the Golden Horn award was announced. Both 《The Universe Set Sail》 and 《Black and White》were shortlisted for many awards. At the same time, Ning Xiao, Jiang Ke and Zhou Zhou were all listed among the best actors.

This year’s Golden Horn Award was held in the National Indoor Stadium. The red carpet was covered outside, and countless magnesium lamps were interwoven. The stars walking on the red carpet were shining and bright, causing the screams of fans from outside the warning line!

To meet the wishes of fans, Ning Xiao and Jiang Ke were arranged together by Wen Ying on this red carpet trip. Indeed, when they were dressed in formal clothes and appeared hand in hand, they triggered a small climax, and the off-site rotten fans cried out excitedly. Jiang Ke always gave a natural and unrestrained image for people. This time, he still exposed a strong male hormone in a straight suit, which let people have infinite reverie about the muscle lines under the cover. Ning Xiao was not willing to expose weakness. His little tiger teeths were a symbol in the play. Whenever he grins, he finds clues. The most relaxed time of the plot could make the audience smile. Outside the red carpet, there were countless fans shouting his name, and they were excited when they attracted his attention.

At this time, they came back with a different wave of voices. The two turned back, it was Zhou Zhou with the gold broker Wen Ying.

Both of them looked at each other and saw the same look in the other’s eyes.

——Damn being the senior!

According to Wen Ying, they are both the predecessors of Zhou Zhou, who are the “old dough sticks” of the red carpet. Zhou Zhou has gone for the first time and《The Universe Set Sail》 has no female number one, so she can accompany him and raise attention to some details. Jiang Ke is still ok. Ning Xiao, who is the same age, almost didn’t lift the table for this, but he couldn’t stand the pressure of reality. Compared with Jiang Ke, his experience was longer, and he had no confidence in making trouble with her.

Zhou Zhou nodded and smiled at the old seniors to show respect and let them almost beat him in reverse.

Zhou Zhou and Wen Ying were together, naturally not winning more praise than their group, but the red carpet host was his fan, convinced by his acting skills, and invisibly raised many questions, letting him get a lot of shots.

The host invited a well-known variety host in China. He was very humorous in variety shows. He presided over the Golden Horn award and other events with another style. The opening was filled with wittiness , which made the tense atmosphere caused by the competition to gradually become peaceful and lively.

The previous awards were small awards, best modeling, best art, best photography and other technical awards. When the best actor award was finally issued, the lens was divided into five different groups focusing on the shortlisted actors.

The host said: Those selected for the best actor awards are: Wu Ren’s《My unforgettable childhood》, Zhou Zhou’s《The universe set sail》, Si Marui’s《Twilight spring tree》, Jiang Ke’s《Black and White》, Ning Xiao’s《Black and White》……there’s not much to say, let’s invite Wen Ying, the film queen of three consecutive Golden Horn awards to announce the best actor!”

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Wei Yin and the host nodded to each other to open the envelope in his hand. The contents of the envelope seemed to make her feel worried for a moment, but soon, she smiled, calmly and showed her attitude. “The male lead who won the fifty-seventh Golden Horn award is……”

Everyone was nervous enough to hold their breath. The five people in front of the camera waited with a smile and displayed their best style.

“——Jiang Ke《Black and White》, congratulations.”

There was a round of applause at the scene. Jiang Ke burst into a charming smile in front of the camera, got up and hugged the people around him.

Ning Xiao sat next to him, his eyes were unable to cover up his loss, but there was still a smile on his face, and when he hugged Jiang Ke, the other party forcibly patted his shoulder, as comfort between men. He was shocked, but somehow moved, and his blessing was also true.

But at this time, they only heard Wen Yin continue to say: “——Ning Xiao《Black and White》, Congratulations!”

The scene was quiet for a moment, and applause thundered.

Everyone looked in the direction of Ning Xiao, but they only saw that Ning Xiao’s eyes were dazzled, and that he had lost his soul for a moment. Then, under the eyes of everyone, his fingers point to himself, “Me?”

Jiang Ke just half held his shoulder, and immediately gave him a strong hug. He smiled sincerely and said, “Congratulations.”

The camera was recorded truthfully, and fans in front of the screen screamed and screeched!

Ning Xiao finally responded, and didn’t even consider Jiang Ke taking advantage of his height over him. His eyebrows flew up: “Congratulations Congratulations!”

There was laughter at the scene, and everyone was amused by his series of reactions.

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