WFILTU Chapter 285 – First Mock Exam VI

“The grading factor of this exam was also in accordance with the college entrance examination, and it will rank in the whole city at that time. You can’t play wildly this holiday. I’ll send a message to your parents in the evening and send all your homework. Your parents will supervise your studies at home at that time.”

She paused and said, “The class representative will go with me to get the homework.”

During the afternoon break, when all the homework was given out, Yi Tianyu fell into a crazy skepticism about life.


“What?” Xue Jiao turned her head.

“How many days do we have off for National Day?”

“Seven days.” Xue Jiao replied blankly.

Yi Tianyu held a pile of papers and his hand trembled slightly. He choked for a long time, before choking out

“Isn’t this f****** a month’s work load of homework?”

Xue Jiao: “……”

There was actually a lot of homework this time. Every teacher thought they only assigned a little bit more, so it doesn’t matter. At most, it’s not a big deal for students to add one more class.

But obviously, all the teachers thought like this.

Hence, these homeworks……the students would definitely not be adding just an extra class……

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When Xue Jiao returned home with a heavy school bag, Li Sitong was packing up.

She changed her shoes and looked at Li Sitong suspiciously.

“Jiao Jiao, you have returned?”

“En, this is……”

“You should hurry and pack up your things, let’s get up early tomorrow to go see your brother.”

“Ah” Xue Jiao had a moment of loss.

“Your brother is going to work on a project. He won’t come back if he has only one day off. I’ll discuss it with your father. Let’s go to see him and take a trip to Beijing. It’s just right that you can relax after the exam.” Li Sitong was careless.

Xue Jiao sighed and lifted her schoolbag.

“Mom, this is homework……”

“There’s this much?” Li Sitong stared with wide eyes.

Xue Jiao nodded “That’s right, the teacher will send it to you in the evening, then you can have a look at it. So even if I go with you, when you play, I can only do my homework in the library or at the hotel. “

Li Sitong frowned and choked out after a long time, “But we can’t go out to play and leave you alone at home. If we don’t visit your brother this time, we will probably have to meet again during the new year.”

The two people immediately had a headache, and both didn’t know what to do.

In the evening, Cheng Shuo came back.

“Old Cheng, what do you say about this situation? Jiao Jiao’s teachers are really too much. They have so much homework during their holiday break.” Li Sitong had a tangled face.

Cheng Shuo laughed, “What can we do? She’s already in year three. I would be worried if she has only a little bit of homework.”

“Then what do you say should be done?”

“Jiao Jiao definitely can’t stay at home alone. We can’t miss the family reunion. It’s just right that Mingze has only one day off. Let’s have a meal together and have a look at Mingze’s school. Then I’ll head out to play with your mother in the next two days. Jiao Jiao will do her homework in the library. Then we’ll be back, and for the latter four days Jiao Jiao will work on her homework at home. How about that? “Cheng Shuo looked at Xue Jiao.

Xue Jiao nodded “Alright.”


In the evening, Xue Jiao lay on the bed and told Lin Zhihua about the situation.

Lin Zhihua stood up with a smile on the other end of the phone and moved his feet, his gaze cheery.

Jiao Jiao was coming……

He tapped his fingers and replied——

【You just need to come. I have a solution to the homework problem.】

Xue Jiao paused, then continued to ask——

【What can you do.】

【Lin Zhihua: I’ll tell you when you come. You can rest assured, homework is not a problem.】

Xue Jiao: “……”

What could he do?

However, Lin Zhihua, this person, really doesn’t lie to her. He only speaks and does not speak, and doesn’t speak truths and lies.

He really has a way?

Xue Jiao doubted on her side, while Lin Zhihua gave a call to Chen Yan on his side.

“Chen Yan, help me free up the day after tomorrow and the day after that, those two days.”

Chen Yan “……yes.”

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