SOOEW Chapter 219- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs XXXXXIX

Just as they were ready to take the prize, Zhou Zhou’s fans were at a loss just before the screen. Before the ceremony, the three fan groups of Jiang Ke, Ning Xiao and Zhou Zhou had been choking into the dark because of their competitive relationship. Zhou Zhou had the shortest experience in the arts, the weakest momentum and not much achievement, and was choked by the other two. They waited for him to win the best actor award, a snow before shame!

They needed to prove that Zhou Zhou has few works, but his acting skills were beyond doubt!

At present, the result was that the emotional fans have already sent out feelings in their circle of friends and secretly cried.

But when they focused on typing on their phones, they heard the live on the computer, and suddenly there was laughter filled with the sound of Wei Yin.

“The same winner of the Golden Horn Award for best actor is Zhou Zhou’s “The Universe Set Sail” ———

The fans all turned sluggish. At the same time, the people at the scene were also shocked, then their line of sight all brushed to Wei Yin.

Wei Yin smiled first, “Forgive me for keeping everything in suspense, I was also shocked the moment I saw the list. I didn’t expect to witness the birth of three movie emperors this year, I am honored.”

Her words seemed to release everyone, with the applause of Jiang Ke, everyone returned to their spirits, and joined in the wave of the tide.

At this moment, all the channels of network information were squeezed by this news. On Weibo, the word “explosion” appeared behind the topic of “Golden Horn Award” #three yellow eggs#”. It wasn’t that there wasn’t a double yellow egg in history, as the situation of two films being difficult to choose from had appeared, but three golden eggs——of course, comes from two films, but one of them actually had two people!

“I’m almost choking!”

“unbelievable! Unbelievable! “

“I want to cry!”

The brief feeling covered the whole screen. Thousands of words were in four words, and everyone suddenly found the four character idiom profound.

The three who won the prize stood on the stage. The applause gradually faded away, and they recovered to a quiet venue. All of them were waiting for the speeches of the new movie emperors.

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The three were also silent for a while, and they were in a mood of agitation, but no one took the lead in opening up. With the two microphones standing in front of him. Jiang Ke made a “please” gesture for Ning Xiao standing in the middle. Ning Xiao glanced at Zhou Zhou, who was the most straightforward. When he adjusted the microphone, everyone thought he would open up first. He turned the microphone to Ning Xiao after he adjusted it. The intention was obvious.

The three people had no words yet interacted tacitly, which caused laughter.

Finally, Jiang Ke opened his mouth first. After all, he was the oldest and cannot not be the leader.

“There are a lot of people to thank, my parents, my team, the director of《Black and White》, and all of the crew. The reason I could have today’s achievements has an inseparable relationship from each of you. It’s affirming to me to be able to win this award, and I’m very happy. ” He laughed with a slight smile. “To be honest, I never thought it would not come, but I allowed it to arrive late.”

All the people laughed in good faith.

“I think the one I need to thank the most is my agent, she is at the scene today……”

The camera hit the body of Wen Ying, and pictured her sitting in her chair with a peaceful aura while smiling slightly.

He exclaimed, “I hesitated over whether I wanted to cooperate with her or not. At that time, my career was at a peak, and she said to me, “you are walking in place”. Based on these words, I chose her, and of course, she also chose me. It turned out that we had not made the wrong choice.”

Jiang Ke’s fans cried in front of the screen. Their king of the crowns and other awards have been waiting too long. It’s not that he has not been shortlisted, but he always loses his hand with the prize. At this time, they forgot their original criticism of Wen Ying, and sincerely thanked her for her appearance.

However, they didn’t cry for too long, and very soon, the award-winning comments of Ning Xiao followed, “……I want to thank my agent.”

The camera once again turned to Wen Ying. She waved gracefully at the lens.

“My childhood experience helped me a lot, but it also made me bound by the flowers. I hated my identity as a child star for a long time. I didn’t want people to tell me how good I was when I was a child. It was just like telling me how hopeless I am now. Just at this time, she pulled me out of the mud, and she agreed with my past, and, likewise, looked forward to my future. ” He glanced at Jiang Ke quietly, then turned to glance at the lens, and smiled brightly. “I hope my performance is in line with her expectations, and I think it’s very difficult to win such a high prize at this age.”

Jiang Ke only felt an arrow in his knee. Following up, Zhou Zhou, who was the same age, stood in front of the microphone. Compared with Jiang Ke’s lengthy list of thanks, he said, “I appreciate my agent very much……”

The camera turned, Wen Ying lowered her mandible, very casually throwing the lens a slight smile, as if it had already become a habit.

The stars below the stage: “……”

Fans in front of the screen: “……”

Is there even an end in sight? ! !

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