WFILTU Chapter 286 – Homework I

October 1, National day, was a time when major tourist attractions were so crowded that it caused a doubt about life.

Especially in Beijing.

Fortunately, Cheng Shuo had arrangements all the way. When the plane arrived, a car took them directly to the gate of Cheng Mingze’s school.

At this time, Cheng Mingze was already waiting at the door.

“Mingze!” Li Sitong shouted excitedly.

Cheng Mingze immediately ran over happily.

He first looked at Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong and said his greetings: “dad mom”

“Ai!” Li Sitong laughed with a smile while answering.

He looked again at the little girl who was more beautiful than a month ago, reached out and rubbed her head.

“Jiao Jiao.”

Xue Jiao exposed a light smile, “Ge.”

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The Cheng Mingze in front of them has also changed. After entering University, Cheng Mingze’s temperament was obviously a little different from that of before.

He was still clean and refreshing, but his whole person displayed a different aura.

The original gentleness had a touch of politeness added, and his smiles increased, with the vitality that young people can’t hide.

“Hungry?” Cheng Mingze rubbed her head again.

Xue Jiao shook her head and shook his claws away.

“I’m alright.”

“Let’s go and have something to eat first.” Cheng Mingze pointed in a direction.

Cheng Shuo didn’t move. He just asked, “Are you not going to invite your roommate?”

“Not at noon. We can invite them at night.” Cheng Mingze shook his head and only replied like this.

Cheng Shuo didn’t speak anymore.

It was rare for their family to gather in another city, and the four people all seemed very interested.

“This is a famous restaurant around our school, which is a speciality of Beijing.” Cheng Mingze introduced.

He also knew his family thoroughly, so he arranged lunch directly.

Southerners and northerners were still very different. The food in the north was famous for noodles and flour based dishes, while southerners like sweets.

Coupled with the climate and other differences between the two places, the meal was good, but it was not as likable as expected.

“Do we have to eat these when we move to Beijing?” Li Sitong frowned slightly.

“Hahaha, we will probably still cook at home. You can make whatever you like.” Cheng Shuo smiled.

Li Sitong sighed, “It’s still very dry here. I don’t feel as comfortable as we do at home.”

“Then how about……we don’t move?”

“No way!” Li Sitong disagreed again.

“Look at you. It’s you who wants to move and you who don’t like it.” Cheng Shuo had no choice but to spread his hand.

“Certainly not. Mingze and Jiao Jiao have come to Beijing. Why are we two old things still left in the city?”

Cheng Mingze smiled. “When I first lived here, I was still not used to it, but it’s fine after living here for a while. The north is not as hot as the south, and it won’t be too wet, but……the smog is a little serious.”

Hearing Cheng Mingze’s explanation, Li Sitong immediately said eagerly, “It’s all right, Mingze. Mother is just complaining and will get used to it. It’s not that she doesn’t want to move.”

Cheng Mingze smiled and stopped explaining.

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