WFILTU Chapter 287 – Homework II

Although he now called Li Sitong “mother”, the atmosphere between stepson and stepmother was still difficult to turn into that of one between the mother and son.

She looked very sensitive, and he was not easily casual either.

After dinner, Cheng Mingze brought the three to the school.

“It’s National Day. There are fewer people in the school than usual. That’s where we usually have classes. That’s……”

Cheng Mingze introduced Xue Jiao to them along the way, and the three watched intently.

This was one of the best universities in China. It had a history of 100 years. It accommodated many excellent students and produced batch after batch of talents.

Xue Jiao looked at this century old famous school and was full of fascination.

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Suddenly, a hand fell on her head and rubbed hard. “I really want you to hurry up and take the college entrance examination.”

Xue Jiao shook her head hard. “No, no way, I’m not ready!”

Entering the field now wouldn’t give her the result she wanted.

Cheng Mingze didn’t say anything anymore. The three continued to visit every corner of the school.

Until they came to the bottom of a building, and an old man came down.

Cheng Mingze brightened his eyes and stretched out his hand. He grabbed Xue Jiao and walked forward quickly.

“Professor Tan!”

Xue Jiao was still surprised. Cheng Mingze suddenly pulled her up and stared at her.

Professor Tan!

It was the professor who was invited to the math contest!

Professor Tan was also stunned for a moment, and then smiled, “So it’s Cheng Mingze ah. Why do you have time to stroll here? Aren’t you helping Old Tang catch up with the project?”

Cheng Mingze smiled generously and said, “I came to ask for a day off. My family came to visit me. This is my father, my mother, and my younger sister, Gu Xuejiao.”

Professor Tan then looked at them and nodded to Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong, “Hello.”

“Hello, hello!” Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were quite respectful.

Professor Tan then turned his attention to Xue Jiao and was slightly stunned.

After a moment, he suddenly exposed an expression of understanding, “It’s you ah, Gu Xuejiao!”

“Hello, Professor Tan.” Xue Jiao’s voice was slightly excited and she stood on her tiptoes.

Professor Tan still remembered Xue Jiao. He was deeply impressed by this girl before.

“You are Cheng Mingze’s younger sister!”

Xue Jiao nodded hurriedly.

Professor Tan took back his surprised eyes and gave Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong a thumbs up. “Amazing. You two really can teach children! You have two such excellent children.”

Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong exhibited a happy expression at the same time, but they said modestly, “No no, it’s their own spirit holding them up.”

Professor Tan shook his head with a smile and looked at Xue Jiao again. “Gu Xuejiao, you are in year three this year. How are your studies?”

Xue Jiao embarrassedly scratched her head “I’m doing alright……”

“You must work hard!” Professor Tan encouraged her.

Xue Jiao looked firmly at Professor Tan and nodded vigorously, “Yes, I will!”

“Then I won’t disturb you guys. See you later.”

“Goodbye, Professor Tan!”

Xue Jiao looked at his back and was slightly distracted.

She will never forget what Professor Tan said when giving her the award

I’ll wait for you in Tsinghua.

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