SOOEW Chapter 220- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LX

It wasn’t until Zhou Zhou mentioned this moment, the talents sitting under the stage woke up. The agent of the three new movie stars were the same person!

This had never happened in the history of the entertainment industry. The case of three people winning the award was not uncommon in the world, but it was very rare in China, as if the more the awards were issued, the less money it would be worth. But in fact, as Jiang Ke said, the award was an affirmation of their acting skills. If the three people were equal in their interpretation and translation of the roles and they were to insist on a high or low level for the three actors, it would seem narrow sighted instead.

However——even if everyone could accept the appearance of the three film stars, they were still surprised that they were signed on by a single agent!

Many people here were simply incapable of understanding. Those who mingled in the entertainment circle, who couldn’t make achievements only when they hit their heads until blood flowed? Even if they were lucky and had a backer.… also couldn’t be played like this! This was opening a back door!

Their first reaction was that there were dark scenes, but they immediately thought of “The Universe Set Sail”. Needless to say, Teacher Yin Cheng’s works maintained his consistent level, and Zhou Zhou’s level was really amazing. Although he won the award, he deserved it even though he had less qualifications. As for Jiang Ke and Ning Xiao, no one doesn’t know the response of “Black and White” in society. Their performance can be said to be an almost perfect interpretation of the information that the work wanted to convey. They each represent one side’s views. The work itself argued on its own, so for “Black and White”, neither could be lacking.

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In this way, assuming that they were judges, they also felt extremely troublesome and had a headache. After thinking about it, it seemed to follow the trend and there must be……

It was simply WTF!

Three movie kings from one door. All of those present were people in the industry. They all have the most basic vision. Seeing Wen Ying’s face appear frequently on the big screen, it was incredible, but they had to admit that the biggest winner tonight was the agent hidden behind the scenes!

Yang Sen was also sitting under the stage. Seeing Wen Ying’s elated eyebrows and eyes, and the joy that emitted from the inside, he couldn’t help feeling a little in a trance.

Did he thank her as solemnly as they did when he won the prize? There should have been. She has considered his award ceremony words several times, and no one who has helped him has been missed. However, it was only a “thank you” sentence, nothing else.

She paid for him for eight years, eight years of hard work, but he took it very lightly.

If he treats her well off stage and it pays off, then it doesn’t matter whether he says it or not on the stage. However, when has he treated her well?

He had never felt so regretful as now. He really did whatever he liked by virtue of her. If she doesn’t like himself, even if she has the same private style, he will respect her as a noble person in his career. However, because she likes himself at the same time, all this seems to be taken for granted.

Even if there was constant friction between the two in the later stage, he thought that it was her attitude that was too tough, which was not suitable for himself who was already at the top.

It turns out that this was just his self righteousness. He remembered that she once said: climbing in the entertainment circle was like sailing against the current, if you don’t advance, you will fall back. After winning the prize, he unconsciously slowed down and became comfortable, so he was impatient with her toughness and encouragement. However, sooner or later, others would catch up.

His works this year were shortlisted for one or two unimportant awards, but he himself was not shortlisted for the best actor of the Golden Horn award. Last year, the number of scripts and invitations that he received for winning awards has been decreasing, because the people who once stood behind him have reached his position and even surpassed himself with a stronger attitude.

He looked up at the three people and was at a loss for a moment.

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