WFILTU Chapter 288 – Homework III

“Hahaha, my son and daughter are so powerful that even the professors can remember you.” Cheng Shuo came forward and touched each of their heads.

Xue Jiao smiled awkwardly. “My brother is very powerful. He can follow the professor to work on projects already.”

As soon as he entered university, he could already follow the professor to work on projects. It was even in the computer computing department. It’s conceivable that Cheng Mingze was very excellent.

She looked up at him with admiration in her eyes.

Cheng Mingze couldn’t help but rub her head again.

They spent an afternoon visiting the whole school, booked a nearby restaurant and invited Cheng Mingze’s roommates for dinner.

“In fact, don’t bother……” Cheng Mingze smiled and shook his head.

Li Sitong disagreed. “That’s no good. You’ve never lived in school. What if you don’t get along well with your roommates?”

“I agree that roommates are very important in college, and I also want to see them.” Cheng Shuo also nodded.

Xue Jiao bowed her head and held back her smile. Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong were worried that Cheng Mingze was being bullied, but this was the male lead. Who could bully him……

And she really doesn’t think that Cheng Mingze’s character could be bullied.

Of course, these words should not be spoken to Li Sitong and Cheng Shuo who have sincere feelings.

The four didn’t wait long in the restaurant for the three roommates.

“Hello, uncle, auntie and younger sister!” A tall boy greeted him loudly as soon as he came in. It can be seen that he was a boy with a bright and hearty character. Within the other two, one looked a little indifferent, and the other looked very shy with black framed glasses.

“This is Jian Zinan who’s on the bed next to me, the same major.” Cheng Mingze first introduced his indifferent roommate.

Pointing to the cheerful one, he said, “this is Zhan Yichen, who is also the same major.”

Finally, he reached out, and hooked over the little boy with glasses. Then he said with a smile, “This is the little guy opposite me, Guan Lihan, who is not yet an adult!”

Zhan Yichen laughed and Guan Lihan scratched his head embarrassed. He wanted to find a wall to drill in.

“Mingze, I thought you were already good enough. As a result, your appearance is still a drag on your family.” Zhan Yichen laughed happily and joked towards his face.

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Cheng Mingze was very good-looking, but Zhan Yichen made fun of this instead. Cheng Shuo, Li Sitong and Cheng Mingze all laugh.

“The face is not the important point.” The cold Jian Zinan suddenly made a noise.

Zhan Yichen paused for a moment and then smiled again. “Mingze’s family is very powerful. His parents are powerful. Her sister was also the first prize in the mathematics competition at the beginning of the year. She is only in year three this year. It can’t be said, but she might become our junior sister in the future, haha. Younger sister, come on, come to our school and be our junior sister. Then Mingze can bring you to do projects together with Professor Tang. “

“You don’t have to learn computer science.” Jian Zinan frowned, “Look at your own interests.”

“Forget about it, Jiao Jiao has a good idea. Let’s not worry about it. She likes math.” Cheng Mingze refilled water for them.

“Holy s***!” Zhan Yichen stared. “Junior sister is so powerful that she likes math. I have a teacher in the mathematics department who is very familiar with me. At that time, sister’s mathematics department will also be taken care of by someone. Now you still need teachers to take care of your studies in order to achieve success, like your brother! Come come come, let’s add each other as friends, younger sister.”

His eyes blinked. He was very good-looking and smiled very sunnily. His eyes were staring straight at Xue Jiao’s face.

Xue Jiao frowned slightly.

She was used to seeing Lin Zhihua’s excellent face. Even Yi Tianyu, who was of the same sunshine type, was better than the boy in front of her.

“My cell phone is dead, and I’m in year three of high school. I don’t usually use my cell phone.” Xue Jiao’s voice was shallow.

Zhan Yichen didn’t say anything anymore. He took back his sight and continued to say with a smile, “Your family is really powerful.”

Xue Jiao frowned slightly. She didn’t know why. She didn’t like the boy in front of her very much.

Although he was sunny and handsome, although he has been active in the atmosphere, she just doesn’t like it very much.

“His mother and I don’t have much ability. We can only rely on Mingze’s own efforts. Hahaha, come on, little students eat some food. Mingze hasn’t lived in a dormitory before. Please tolerate him some. Let me give you a toast.” Cheng Shuo picked up his glass.

“What is uncle saying, we have a good relationship in this dormitory.” Zhan Yichen also picked up his glass and replied with a smile.

The two people clinked their glasses.

“Haha, that’s good. Then I’ll be relieved.” Cheng Shuo’s eyes narrowed with laughter.

“I have to accompany my parents to the hotel in the evening. I’ll stay outside tonight.” While eating, Cheng Mingze said this to Zhan Yichen and the others.

Jian Zinan replied, “en.”

“Wow, Mingze is really fortuitous. Why don’t you play for a few more days? It’s rare for uncle and auntie to come by.” Zhan Yichen blinked his eyes.

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