SOOEW Chapter 221- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LXI

He heard Zhou Zhou say, “I’m very grateful to my agent……I used to be fat, liked to eat and didn’t like to exercise. When she found me, I thought she was joking. Besides her, what other person in the world would say to a fat man, “Just your talent is enough to win the movie emperor trophy?” He chuckled, as if just by recalling the scene of that year, he even felt incredible.

Then the camera switched views and Wen Ying gave him a smile of appreciation and encouragement.

The big screen reflected the appearance of the two people, letting the audience personally witness the first time they came together.

“At that time, I didn’t believe her, but I was still moved by her. I thought, if someone reached out to me, why don’t I grab it? This may be the only chance in my life……” His eyebrows and eyes were suddenly very gentle,” Even if it’s just for the only person who can see me, I’m willing to try. “

She was the only one who could see him, the soul underneath his skin. She found him out of the crowd, and never ignored him because of his appearance.

His words made people feel deeply. If Wen Ying recruited Ning Xiao and Jiang Ke under her banner because she was stubborn and liked playing with handsome and stylish actors using the hidden rules, the selection of Zhou Zhou undoubtedly reflected her professionalism.

“I’m standing here now just to tell her——my trophy, belongs to you.”

At the moment Zhou Zhou said this sentence, Wen Ying’s eyebrows and eyes seemed to move. The other two people on the stage also looked at him and gritted their teeth from the bottom of their hearts. What did he mean by this? !

Towards this, Zhou Zhou just smiled back at them.

After their speech, there were waves of applause under the stage, which could not be calmed down for a long time.

This was an honor for them and for her.

The Golden Horn award ceremony ended, and all the splendor and grandeur came to an end, but the waves it caused were washed away from the stadium.

Needless to say, after that day, Wen Ying’s position as a gold medal broker seemed to be stabilized. It was not just because of the awards, but through this Golden Horn award, people suddenly found that her selection and cultivation of actors’ quality, contacts and accurate vision were top-notch and first-class in the industry.

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Xing Chen company that indirectly forced her away naturally regretted it. Huandi was also frightened when they thought of the cold reception they had given her at the beginning. As soon as they heard Yun Ou say that she had the idea of opening a studio independently, they immediately raised her treatment by several levels.

The Internet, because of her, has staged a “soap opera” for half a month. There were headlines about her every day, which can be called the king of traffic.

“I want to thank my agent” has become the most popular sentence pattern at present. It combines the legendary deeds with the magical feeling of thanking three times in a row. Once it was used, it would make people smile. Someone’s phone fell into the toilet and had to cry and tweet: I want to thank my mother. If it weren’t for her howling voice, I wouldn’t have pressed the flush button just because my hand cramped……

The melon eaters laughed in the comments, which displayed the wide range of application for this sentence.

Once a person reaches a height beyond the reach of ordinary people, or achieves achievements that has never been achieved before, many things will become a sign of her independence.

The negative news brought by the entanglement between Wen Ying, Yang Sen and Jiang Ke disappeared. This does not mean that this past was not mentioned, but was regarded as one of her “glorious” deeds.

As for her original Weibo, which was despised by others, it was forwarded by hundreds of thousands in just a few days, which was very lively.

Eat three times, hahahaha, three meals a day! What to do? She boosted three! Do bloggers eat live three times?!! I want to watch the live broadcast!! Ha ha ha ha ha the blogger’s face must hurt from the slap pa pa pa! Finally, I found this comment. Ha ha ha ha ha ha very good, if you can boost a second one, I will broadcast myself eating shit. Wen Ying: Movie emperor, I can create more than one.

At the same time, it was also regarded as a magically blessed Weibo, comparable to a Koi.

Goddess Ying provide some blessings, so that my confession is successful! Forwarding this for money! Forward for job success! Forwarding to pass the exam! Forward to keep safe. Here’s my knee. No need to return it! To tell you the truth, I’m very convinced. Wen Ying: Movie emperor, I can create more than one.

There were even unknown male stars who sincerely forwarded and asked: Is four enough? What do you think of me? Want to add another one?

The comments on his Weibo were immediately captured. The followers of Queen Ying returned to the Jianghu, like eunuchs looking for beauties for their king. They stroked him from head to toe, including his artistic experience, like a resume. Then @Wen Ying and said that the queen could take a look.

In this regard, Ning Xiao, Jiang Ke and Zhou Zhou had to give up their prejudices and join hands with the outside world. Such microblog forwarding is mostly ridicule. It’s frightening to get in touch with Yingying in private.

Previously, Wen Ying accompanied them to attend the event. When she didn’t use enough energy to pay attention, a small fresh meat rushed up to introduce themselves. It was like that as long as Wen Ying nodded, they could immediately warm her bed.

Fortunately, Wen Ying saw that they were facing great enemies like this and said with a smile, “I don’t think I have enough time to carry you three. Why should I find more to bother with?”

They finally were a little relieved.

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