WFILTU Chapter 289 – Homework IV

Cheng Mingze picked a piece of fish for Xuejiao and said calmly, “It’s not very convenient. Professor Tang can’t live without people over there.”

“That’s all right. I hear that freshmen are not very useful when doing projects. There is no way Teacher Tang won’t give you a break. I can always go for you as a last resort!” Zhan Yichen patted his chest.

Cheng Mingze didn’t speak immediately. He first took a sip of tea and said, “What Professor Tang arranged for me is a little difficult. I’ve done most of it, and others can’t take over.”

Zhan Yichen’s smile froze.

“Ha ha, Classmate Zhan, don’t even bother to worry about my boy. He’s sturdy and being tired is ok. Coming this time to take a look at him is enough. Come come come, let’s have a cup.” Cheng Shuo stands up and pours wine for Zhan Yichen.

“Ha ha, thank you, uncle.” Zhan Yichen smiled strainly.

Cheng Shuo patted him. “You kid, is certainly powerful. Sure enough, you deserve to be a northerner. You’re much better than us at drinking.”

“It’s ok, it’s ok.”

During the meal, Cheng Shuo and Zhan Yichen were fighting for wine. They were very friendly and almost ignored Cheng Mingze.

But when he left, Cheng Shuo said——

“Unexpectedly, Classmate Jian is also from the south. Remember to come to my house to play with Mingze when you go home for the new year!”

Jian Zinan nevertheless didn’t say anything more than “good.”

Zhan Yichen is already drunk. He is really good at drinking, but he can’t fight the battle-hardened Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Mingze followed Xuejiao and them to the hotel. She went back to her room to do her homework, but Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze chatted in the room for a long time.

Xuejiao didn’t know what they said.

The next morning, when Xuejiao got up, Cheng Mingze also got up.

“You’re up so early?” Xuejiao was slightly surprised.

“Uh-huh, I still have to go back to school to work on the project. I was delayed a little yesterday. I have to make up for it today.” Cheng Mingze put on his shoes and went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

When he came out again, he rubbed Xue Jiao’s hair ——

“Study hard and seize every moment. Whether it’s math or other subjects, other subjects will also be used in your future.”


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Cheng Mingze bent his waist, leaning his face close to her, and the two looked at each other, “Jiaojiao, work hard.”

Xuejiao looked at him seriously and showed a shallow smile, “OK.”

Cheng Mingze is really a good brother.

Gu Xuejiao’s mistake is that she likes people she shouldn’t like. If she is also like her and treated him as a brother, perhaps she will have a different life……

“I’m leaving.” Cheng Mingze said and walked out.

“Brother, wait a minute!!” Xuejiao grabbed him.


Xuejiao ran to her room, took out some bread and looked at Cheng Mingze seriously. “I know you don’t have time to go downstairs for breakfast. Take it on the way. You can’t be hungry.”

Cheng Mingze was stunned at first and then smiled.

He stretched out his hand, rubbed the girl’s head and intimately said, “I know!”

With that, Cheng Mingze went outside while taking the bread apart.

At 8:30, Xuejiao finished a set of Chinese papers, and Cheng Shuo and Li Sitong got up from bed.

Maybe vacation makes people lazy and they are also very tired. They also get up at the same time as a student in year three.

In order to have breakfast ready for Xuejiao, Li Sitong and the aunt housekeeper had to be a little earlier than her.

“Jiaojiao, you got up so early even during the holiday?” Li Sitong asked while yawning.

“Uh-huh.” Xuejiao stopped writing and nodded.

“Your father and I are going to climb the Great Wall today. We may not come back for lunch. We will take you to the library after dinner. The hotel is not suitable for study.” Li Sitong exhorted.


At this time, Cheng Shuo also asked while tidying, “Jiaojiao, did you eat?”

“Uh-huh, I went down to eat when I got up.” Xuejiao looked back and smiled.

“That’s fine, then you wait for us for a little.”

Cheng Shuo finished and went downstairs for breakfast with Li Sitong.

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  2. Huh, I wonder what is up with his roommates they seem a bit off.

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  4. Sounds like that roommate is trying to get in on CMZ’s special project. It’s something prestigious to be helping the professor, and he probably wants to grab some of that for himself, or even tame over entirely.

  5. it’s rare too see a male white lotus outside of the BL/yaoi genre, but here we are. Quite of a refreshing take! Looking over what the sunny roommate had said again, everything seeps with jealousy, for his looks, wealth, family and success.

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