SOOEW Chapter 222- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LXII

About their attitude towards Wen Ying, there were also many comments on the Internet, especially Zhou Zhou. The last sentence of his award-winning declaration “my trophy belongs to you” attracted wide attention. This was originally a grateful word, but for him who was always indifferent to others, at that time, his eyes were very touching.

But no matter how the fans guess, this was always a rumor and has not been confirmed.

It’s not that they didn’t want to reveal their feelings to her, but they can vaguely feel her mood. At the peak of her career, whether she communicates with any of them, it would be her career and love coinciding, which would bring unspeakable consequences. Therefore, including Ning Xiao, who always liked to be angry, the three reached a consensus and won’t bring her trouble in this regard for the time being.

Liu Yi, who has been against Wen Ying for many times, has had a bad career and has been criticized by the senior management of Huandi for many reasons. The enemy has boundless scenery, but she, herself was kicked out by Yang Sen and hasn’t brought out a decent newcomer. She’s afraid that the other can’t hold any other down since then. She was discouraged and resigned as an agent.

Unlike her, the overall number of people in the brokerage industry suddenly surged. When she resigned, countless people sought jobs in this industry, and most of them women brokers. Among them, there were many people with superb skills and unique vision. However, no one, male or female, could achieve the achievement of Wen Ying

Seeing the familiar space, Wen Ying was finally a little relieved. When she boosted the three film emperors in a row and became the king behind the scenes, her reputation had reached the peak. Similarly, the power of faith had been collected.

She was really not ready to fall in love in that world. It was not easy for her to have the role of an agent for her to figure out. She can penetrate the entertainment industry from another angle, which inevitably thins her energy in love and allows her to pay more attention to her career. What’s more, if she really chose one of them to fall in love with in the process, she’s afraid it would be unbalanced and it would not be so easy to complete the task. As for who they would choose to copy the code of her character and how that character would choose after she leaves, or be single, even she doesn’t know.

At the moment she appeared in space, another figure also flashed in.

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His panda claws haven’t evolved completely. It was like wearing a pair of panda slippers with plush fur. He stared at Wen Ying’s eyes, his expression leaping with fire and anger.

Wen Ying’s head was covered with question marks full of doubt.

Z942121 appeared. After consulting her experience, there was a rare surprise expressed in its coldness: “You didn’t wake him up? Didn’t you figure out his identity?”

“Oh, this ah……” she thought about it and then said, “I should have found it. Was he sleeping in Zhou Zhou’s body?” She did feel something in the process. According to z942121, it would be much easier to finish the task if he were to awaken in Zhou Zhou’s body.

But according to her observation, the little panda had no enterprising spirit at all and wasted Zhou Zhou’s talent!

He was like an emergency switch to her now. If it was unnecessary, she wouldn’t turn it on.

Z942121 was about to give out its doubts when it saw Wen Ying touch an angry panda youth, “Isn’t this pretty good? I heard that you love to sleep, so I deliberately didn’t wake you up.”

“En?” The powerful yet pure and innocent panda boy was stunned, “Is it really like that?”

“Of course, a master of force like you should be used as a last resort card.”


Why did he think she was worried about the other?

This was the first time it has seen a human being, and it has no interest in the living reward. In fact, in addition to bringing help to the task, the most important thing was that he can always accompany the envoy. She has been doing tasks for a long time. She shuttles through time and space alone. No one remembers these except herself. If she was accompanied by another person, this sense of loneliness would be much lesser.

But according to his observation, she may be very interested in playing different roles originally, so she doesn’t feel tired for the time being.

The panda youth was very happy that she thought of itself. When the fierceness between her eyebrows and eyes vanished, he yawned wearily, “Oh, I am really pretty afraid of trouble.”


After extracting the power of faith as usual, the rating “A+” emerged. Wen Ying went to accept her reward. It was actually mind reading!

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