SOOEW Chapter 223- Big bang! Explosion of love affairs LXIII

“This is really a reward that is a big cheat.” She said, “If you can mind read, you can sweep everyone’s secrets effortlessly. It’s a sharp weapon in any world.”

Z942121 explained: “Of course, there are restrictions. Mind reading is to read the clearest thoughts in one’s heart. If the other person’s thoughts are vague, the reader would only read a fog. The specific situation would only be known after use. If there was anything unclear, you can ask me to answer at any time. Tip, this prop is only for one-time use, that is, one world. “

Wen Ying was a little surprised to hear that he had voluntarily promised to provide “after-sales service” for the first time. Later, she learned that her authority had been improved after five consecutive world missions. In addition to the after-sales service of props, she could also browse the mission plot before entering the mission world.

The task of the next world took place in the ancient times. This was her second task, and she crossed into the ancient times again.

However, different from the second world, the background of this task was the imperial palace. Her identity was a young lady of a family participating in the draft. She was domineering and vain, but she had a good background. She was a real candidate for the crown prince’s imperial concubine. Later, she became the crown prince’s side imperial concubine. It was not because of her lack of identity, but because she didn’t have the bearing of the queen of the world.

But it was only so. She should have originally enjoyed a lifetime of honor.

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Unexpectedly, the crown prince was framed by his brothers who had the ambition to seize his legitimate rights. He gradually lost his sacred heart, and finally died. After his death, his soul lingered in the palace. Only then did he find that the situation where he thought his brothers and sisters were respectful was in fact false, and he was just blindsided. In fact, the hands and feet of his good brothers in private were far more than the petty fights he saw. Blessed by his ancestors, he was reborn.

Seeing up to here, Wen Ying expressed that she was puzzled and also saw rebirth. It was also an ancient background. Could it be that the ancients believed in gods and ghosts and had a high chance of rebirth?

However, since the crown prince could be reborn and was also the prince of a country, his light source must not be weak, so he was likely to be the main task goal.

However, Wen Ying, who thought so, soon found that there was a thorny problem. The role she wanted to play, the princess who should be infinitely close to the task goal, was secretly linked with the sixth prince!

In other words, at the same time the reborn prince was taking care of his brothers, he would not let go of his good concubine. At least he won’t have any good feelings for her. It’s a gift not to kill her already……

She just knew that the task was not that simple!

Suddenly, there was the smell of grass behind him. Wen Ying turned her head slightly and found that the little panda was also paying attention to the electronic light screen in front of her. After a little thought, she asked it kindly and quantitatively, “Which role do you want to be placed in?”

“It doesn’t matter.” He said with his thousand year dark circles, “It’s better for you to call me out less.”


She happily agreed.

She already had a plan. Although it would be riskier, she has a high success rate and doesn’t need other people’s help.


To some extent, this pair of partners really has a tacit understanding.

When Wen Ying was placed into the mission world again, she still didn’t know what night it was. She asked Z942121 by virtue of promoted authority, but it was said that there are often deviations when launching. She was worried that the divine envoy would make a wrong response due to time errors. Earlier or later may cause bad consequences. Instead, it was better to let them judge by themselves.

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