SOOEW Chapter 224- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading I

According to her current judgment, she was in a garden, with white snow covered green tiles and red walls, and the tree tops shook off the snowflakes from the gentle vibration of birds. The pond close by was frozen. It was freezing at first sight, but she didn’t feel it at all.

Because the pavilion where she was located was equipped with a partition door, the upper part was a paper window lattice, which blew in a trace of coolness, which was soon offset by the hot gas burned by the warm basin in the pavilion. In addition, there were many people standing or sitting in the pavilion. In addition to a few beautiful women with jade pendants hanging around their waists, the prince was present, and more maidservants came and went, which seemed to be a private gathering.

“Sister Ying, what’s the matter?” Someone covered their lips and smiled, “This chestnut is so heavy that you won’t pass it up now?”

As soon as she passed through, the inertia of her body was still there. It seemed that the body’s master was handing something to someone, and her feet were still moving forward. However, when she moved her eyes forward, she suddenly found that the person she wanted to deliver things to was Prince Yu Wenhong!

In the midst of lightning, stone and fire, she thought of this situation.

Yu Wenhong and his acquaintances were at this party. The prince gave a banquet and invited several outstanding ladies. They entered the palace just to become the concubines of the princes. It was nothing to have a few small gatherings and let the princes choose desirable people. It was this gathering that made Yu Wenhong decide the candidate for the side imperial concubine——the original owner who inadvertently fell into his arms.

In his last life, the original owner fell into his arms and was teased by several beautiful women. She offended some people because of her high status and bad temper. They want to take this opportunity to make a fool of her. In addition, the beautiful women were so reserved and dignified that no one can see such an act of throwing themselves into his arms.

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However, she didn’t know if the original owner was lucky. Yu Wenhong suddenly met her eyes. Whether she meant it or not, she thought she looked quite agreeable, so she came to be a side imperial concubine. He was not hindered by whether she was outstanding in virtue or goodness.

But in this life……

As soon as the plot in Wen Ying’s mind flashed, she found that she had tripped and fell forward.

If it was Yu Wenhong before rebirth, he would naturally catch her, but Wen Ying touched his eyes before falling. His black eyes were deep and dark. The next second, her whole person was like a broken kite and was kicked out!

Everyone in the pavilion was quiet.

Then, a noble girl couldn’t help laughing “pu”. Then they heard a series of laughter, and the atmosphere between the pavilions became lively in an instant. The little eunuch around Yu Wenhong came out and made a round, “Your Highness is not used to being close to someone when he comes back from the battlefield. Is young Miss Wen’s family fine?”

Who could act like nothing had happened with being kicked? The hard brick floor alone was enough for her to hurt, and when she stood up, she found that her wrist seemed to be dislocated, so she couldn’t help hnging. Soon her maid recovered and hurried to help her stand up.

As soon as Wen Ying stood up, she sent the fire to the woman who took the lead, “What are you laughing at? I fell and you were happy? ” It turned out that such arrogance should be disgusting, but this mask was really not bad. It has an outstanding appearance. Its eyes were bent like apricots, but the corner of its eyes was hooked like a cat. The most moving thing was her lips, which were as beautiful as roses without wiping their lips, and both ends of her lips were slightly upturned. If they laugh, you could imagine how brilliant and moving it would be.

And when she said this, tears came out of her eyes, which made people feel a little unbearable.

The noble girl closed her mouth when she saw the eyes of the princes look over.

In the final analysis, whether Wen Ying’s move was intentional or unintentional, it should have been annoying, but it was true that the crown prince kicked her. This was too much. It could not help but let the other men pity her.

In the pavilion, Yu Wenhong suddenly stood up and glanced at Wen Ying’s eyes, which made Wen Ying tremble subconsciously. It was an expression of extreme disgust, but because she knew of the previous situation, she could even see the implied strong hatred, and wanted to be quick to leave, but in the end, he just took all his emotions back, regardless of his brothers asking him to stay, and walked out.

[This prince is really annoying.…..]

Suddenly, Yu Wenhong felt as if a female voice came from beside his ear, but once he looked back, everyone inside was giving him a compliment, and no one had opened their mouth, as if it was just his illusion.

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