WFILTU Chapter 292 – Homework VII

Lin Zhihua brought her to the library and Wuliu lane.

The beautiful sister had already cooked the meal. When she saw them coming in, she immediately said——

“Xiao Yu, serve the meal!”

“Ok!” a female voice answered. Very soon, several people brought up the dishes.

Xue Jiao and Lin Zhihua sat face to face.

“You ordered it in advance”

“En, that way, we won’t have to wait.” Lin Zhihua explained while scooping soup for her.

“Thank you,” Xue Jiao received it and asked, “Why is there no one here today?”

“They are closed at noon.” Lin Zhihua picked up a fish and placed it in her other bowl.

Xue Jiao quickly finished the soup and sighed, “In fact, your cooking can be ranked on the same level as here.”

Lin Zhihua gave her a funny look. “Don’t flatter me. I have to learn more. I’ll try to be as good as here next year.”

“Why next year?” Xue Jiao was stunned.

“Because……” Lin Zhihua seemed to smile but not smile, “because my cat will come next year.”

“Yi? Don’t you have a cat?”

“En, I have a cat, but they haven’t come to my house yet.”

“Oh ohoh, all right.” Xue Jiao nodded and pretended to understand.

In fact, she doesn’t know why Lin Zhihua’s cat can’t go home until next year?

Since she didn’t understand, Xue Jiao picked up her chopsticks again and picked out dishes for Lin Zhihua——

“Come, come, come. You should eat too, eat!”

Lin Zhihua picked it up with a smile, ate it, and then moved the corners of his mouth.

“All right, tell me why you are so courteous?”

“That……I have a question for you……” Xue Jiao scratched her head shyly.

Lin Zhihua clipped another dish for her, “talk while eating.”

“Oh oh oh, ok.”

She took two bites and said, “I don’t understand. Yesterday I had dinner with my brother and his roommate……”

Xue Jiao said everything that happened yesterday, and then asked, “I think the atmosphere in my brother’s dormitory was a little strange, and my father was so too.”

She frowned and couldn’t figure it out.

“Silly girl.” Lin Zhihua smiled, picked up a piece of fish and checked that there were no thorns. Then he placed it into Xue Jiao’s bowl.


“Your father was inquiring about your brother’s dormitory. Your brother showed the specific situation and exhibited that he won’t be bullied.”

“Ah?” Xue Jiao was stupid.

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Why didn’t she see that there were so many problems?

“As soon as your brother entered the school, he followed the professor to do projects. As a freshman, he can’t leave others to do projects, and he can’t go away on National Day. It shows that he must do this project and can’t leave it to others. “

Lin Zhihua continued to explain that “as a freshman who just entered the school and who did the project immediately after a month of military training, he didn’t even dare to leave on National Day. Obviously, the situation is a little complicated.”

“Ah……” Xue Jiao still didn’t understand.

Lin Zhihua continued to clamp vegetables for her, and then said, “Eat. I’ll talk while you eat, otherwise I won’t speak.”

“Ok okok, you say it quickly.” Xue Jiao immediately opened her mouth to eat and continued to ask.

Lin Zhihua shook his head with a smile and continued, “Your father had decided to come. On one hand, it’s to play, but on the other hand, he still wanted to see what was going on. Then last night at that meal, all the problems came out, and your brother conveyed that he could solve them. “

“Ah? why didn’t I see it?” Xue Jiao was silly.

Lin Zhihua pointed to her bowl. She hurried to eat honestly, but her eyes looked at him eagerly.

“Your brother’s dormitory is quite friendly. Jian Zinan has a good relationship with him. Guan Lihan is far away from the problems at hand, but your brother has a good impression of him. Zhan Yichen is the epitome of the problems your brother is facing. Jealous of Cheng Mingze, and with great means, he wants to overturn Cheng Mingze himself and make a fierce attack. “

“This is a student of one of the best universities. How can it be……”

Those students who take the exam seriously have so many opportunities and the strength to make other achievements. What’s the point of staring at what Cheng Mingze does?

“Why not?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrow. “It’s true that many students are hard-working, but a small number of people have high IQ and are good at fighting. They want to take the most efficient and convenient way and directly take the road paved by others. Don’t you think it’s very convenient and effective?”

He carried a smile, “This is very simple logic. Just like in the market, if you can use no effort to steal someone else’s fruit, why do you have to use the effort to pick the fruit directly.”

“How could it be……” Xue Jiao was stunned.

“Jin Yong said——that as long as there are people, there will be gratitude and resentment, there will be Jianghu, and people are Jianghu.”

Xue Jiao was still incredible.

“The bustle of the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit.” Lin Zhihua continued to clamp dishes for Xue Jiao.

“Then, how did you see it?” Xue Jiao still doesn’t understand.

How could she feel that she had experienced the meal herself, but she didn’t see anything?

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  3. You are stupid. Sorry…. Jiao jiao. U are too naive. But, the world need people like you. U people are too few and far in this greedy world.

  4. Makes you quite worried looking at this MC. She’s far from street smart. Her half sister would’ve dealt her a great blow if it wasn’t for the loving people looking out for her and her knowing the plotline.
    She’s sheltered by her family. I’m glad she doesn’t want to remain this way and ML doesn’t shy away either from enlightening her.

    • She isn’t sheltered by her family. She is still learning to be apart of a family. I actually quite surprised she is very weak in street smart… considering her last life as orphans that had to work multiple jobs and most are street jobs too. Like usually, you just pick up on the dark side of the world from working in this kind of job. What I found as unbelievable is not her current family but her last life 😅.

      • It’s almost like she closed herself off in her past life and ignored everything and everyone around her. From what we’ve learned of her past life, only people like her grandpa who made a huge impact on her life or the fatty owner of the stall next to her whom she admired for having a great business, were notable enough for her. She definitely is way too innocent and pure for her past age and her situation.
        It’s all thanks to Lin Zhihua that she was able to win over both Cheng Mingjiao and Gu Shiyun.

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