SOOEW Chapter 225- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading II

As soon as the crown prince left, the atmosphere of the party quickly fell down. Besides him, neither the sixth prince, the biggest winner in previous life, nor the second prince, who fought tit for tat with the prince at the beginning, were included in the party. These were all princes who were unfamiliar to the prince within the scope of Wen Ying’s knowledge. She didn’t bother to spend much effort to distinguish them one by one. She told them goodbye as she hurt her hand and went back to her residence first.

On the way, the maid Bi Yue couldn’t help coming up to her ear and muttering, “Miss, when you fell into the crown prince’s arms, Ruan Xiunv 1 *Xiunv – a woman in the Emperor’s harem was very close. The maid thinks it was her who created that mess.”

“Nonsense, Linger and I are best friends. How can she do such a thing? Besides—— “Wen Ying glanced obliquely over and was a little arrogant, “what is her identity? She would dare just based on her? Wouldn’t she be afraid that I’ll let my father take away her father’s job? “

As soon as she spoke, she smiled in her heart. According to the character of the original owner, this was what she could say. She rarely has an unscrupulous identity, so it also feels relaxed and fun. Of course, despite what she said, she also knew that Ruan Linger was the one who caused trouble behind her.

Behind every arrogant little princess, there must be a group of poor servants. Ruan Linger was the servant of the original owner. Her father was just a small official in the capital. He had a small background and a light identity. It was difficult to have a good future. She held up the original owner all day and followed her for fun, so that people could have a look more at her. This private gathering should have been without her. It was only because the original owner was willing that he brought her as one more. Who knew, she was hollered at by the original owner all day, and her heart was also stuffy. She was bribed by others, so she was willing to be a knife in others’ hands.

In her last life, the original lead got the prince’s green eye, so she fell into the original’s camp and talked with the original owner about the dangers of the East Palace. The original owner’s ear was soft and listened to her words, so she managed to make the prince accept her as a Liangdi 2 *Liangdi- prince’s concubine . The East Palace was really dangerous, but another one portion actually came from her.

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After hearing this, Bi Yue suddenly opened her eyes: “It can’t be that you threw yourself into his arms on purpose.…..”

Shouldn’t her master be more reserved? She thought with uncertainty.

“What if I did it on purpose, what if I didn’t?” She hnged softly, “I’ve never seen such an ungrateful person. He’s depending on the fact that he killed several people on the battlefield with his strength to quarrel with a weak woman.”

Bi Yue quickly lowered her voice, “Miss, you’d better be careful. This is the palace. If you are overheard, I’m afraid you’ll be punished.…..”

“Hiss——be careful, my hand hurts!”

Bi Yue immediately slowed down, dragging her master’s hand. Finally, she heard her master murmur, “this prince is so annoying.…..”

When their backs disappeared into the verdant trees in the garden, Yu Wenhong stepped out from behind the sheltered trees. He practiced martial arts, and his ear power was much better than that of ordinary people. Wen Ying’s words clearly spread to his ears.

It seemed that she scolded him behind his back. He thought that what he thought came from a distance was really just an illusion.

He didn’t find it in his last life. It turned out that she was like this to others in private. Even he could be arranged at will. It can be seen that she was bold and did such things.

This may be that everything is right when she likes a person and wrong when she hates a person.

The maid lived in the Chu Xiu palace. She heard that Wen Ying had a good background and was ruthless in spilling money. She didn’t say to live in a single room. The little maid in waiting was also attentive. She asked Bi Yue to send someone for a royal doctor. While she was free, she called Z942121 out.

“How’s it going?” As soon as the door was closed, she turned and leaned her back against it, looking at the virtual shadow in front of her.

“After testing, the use is unimpeded, but he has not been able to face up to this ability.” Z942121 was calm and authentic, but inevitably revealed a trace of strangeness. It was unknown why she doesn’t need the reward items. She often needs to use them. The methods and effects used can always exceed his expectations. For example, this time, the A+ level reward of mind reading was not intended to increase her chances of winning, but she intended to give it to the target character. It was really strange.

Because no one has ever used it like this, he needed to check it after it was put into use.

He paused for a long time, and Wen Ying saw it. She relaxed her shoulders and asked him leisurely, “You don’t understand why I did this?”

Z942121 didn’t speak.

He was just a guide, so he couldn’t have too many questions.

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