SOOEW Chapter 226- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading III

She laughed “Am I too stupid? What do I want to read his heart for? It’s good enough to guess without reading. Yu Wenhong was too self absorbed in his last life and thought that everything was under his control. His brothers’ action of seizing their legitimate rights was just a small mischief. Indeed, he sat firmly on the high platform and didn’t have to look at them very much, but if a person is too self-absorbed, he would easily lose his basic judgment, so he failed. He was not defeated by others, he was defeated by himself who despised the enemy. And in his rebirth……when he was betrayed, his guard, vigilance and insecurity must have reached the red warning line. Even if I don’t read his mind, I know what he is thinking now. So what’s the use of mind reading for me? Can you check his disgust with me or his possible means of dealing with me? I already have these things as I can view the original plot, so mind reading has little effect for me.”

“On the contrary, for him who is infinitely more defensive, having the ability to read people’s hearts will make him think he has regained the initiative. If he is willing to use it more——probably no one would be unwilling, he will develop the habit of relying on it over time. I believe this ability will bring him judgment and reduce his vigilance. At this time, the harmlessness I exposed is really harmless to him.” She stood up, “Otherwise, even if I explained myself to him a thousand times, or if I were a little tacky, I would simply block the sword and knife for him several times, and he would still not fully believe me, who had betrayed him. Just like the appearance of X-rays, it is always more reassuring to penetrate the surface and explore the causes inside. “

Z942121 was convinced by her, but still put forward his own view: “but can you guarantee your control over your heart? If he reads bad information, it will make it more difficult for you. “

She said: “When I am involved in the role, the inner play is always very rich. Generally, it is used to hypnotize myself. That is just right. Besides, you also said that only clear words could be heard by him. I would only read the script silently. The effect should be good. “

Z942121 nodded, “Since you say it like so, then you can decide on it by yourself.”

Wen Ying said with a smile: “The income is often proportional to the risk. I’m still willing to take this risk.” Otherwise, after this period of time, the beauties would have their own masters. Unless the prince tortures himself and her, he may not be willing to accept her. It would not be easy for her to do this task.

Seeing that he was leaving, she suddenly remembered something and dragged it into the void. Of course, she didn’t hold it, but this action somehow made him stop and look at her suspiciously.

Wen Ying held her bright face and smiling eyes, “Oh, there’s one more thing that I have to ask you. You can help me block the information irrelevant to this world. Otherwise, letting him hear the words “Lord God” , “space” and “Z942121″ would probably scare him to death.”


He was sent twice every time, and he was used to it.

“Needless to say, I’ve already blocked it.”

All items that easily involved the Lord God, the space would take protective measures to avoid leaking information beyond the world and causing panic. This was not only to protect the envoys, but also to protect the aborigines.

“21 is still the most reliable. Thanks.”

She waved and said goodbye to him.

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The time card was just right. As soon as he left, Bi Yue came back from the outside and received the royal doctor for the hand injury. After some examination, he took it back for her without even bandaging it. But after a little thought, Wen Ying asked the other party to bandage it by herself and hung her hand.

When Bi Yue saw her, she hesitated and said, “Miss, in two days, the Empress will first look at the beautiful girls. Like this, you’re really not……beautiful……”

“Don’t worry. I’m just worried that something would go wrong at that time. I want to wrap it up for two days, so it would be better.”

Her explanation calmed Bi Yue.

Before the official election day, the ladies would go out within the scope of their action. There would always be a chance to meet the prince and make a good performance. Before sunset, they all came back one after another. Seeing that Wen Ying’s hand was hurt, it was said that she was rejected by the crown prince. Everyone gloated one after another, but they only dared to talk behind her back.

There was only Wu Yuzhen whose family background can be compared with Wen Ying. However, she was dignified and beautiful, indifferent and gentle, and had a higher voice. She was the default candidate for the crown princess.

In her previous life, she did become the crown princess, and her status was still above Wen Ying. After Yu Wenhong’s sudden death, she hung herself and followed the crown prince.

Hearing that Wen Ying intended to approach the prince, she glanced at her lightly. Seeing that Wen Ying also looked at her, she exposed a smile and nodded at her. Then she went away with the support of the stars and the moon.

The palace of concubines has always had fights openly and secretly, but Wen Ying has been leisurely recently. First, she has a high invisible status. Second, she has been hurt like this, and they were too lazy to pay mind to her. Ruan Linger, on the contrary, dared not offend Wen Ying in the open. Coupled with her guilty conscience, she was instructed by Wen Ying to do things. She offended all those who had bullied her behind her and harmed Wen Ying. For the time being, she could only be a person with her tail behind.

Wen Ying didn’t like her attitude, but she didn’t have the idea of pressuring her to death. Relying on her identity, she gave a little punishment, which can be regarded as a breath for the original owner.

On the day of the Empress’s election, some beautiful women got some minor diseases and pain. Wen Ying also pretended to break her wrist, worsened her injury and asked the grand palace woman to take leave for her. Although Bi Yue was anxious and half dead, she had no choice but to let her Miss stay in bed.

She didn’t want to go to this selection. Wen Ying had her own ideas. This was not a formal selection. It was just a chance to meet with the Empress. It was not the final result. In addition, she was the character who hung up in front of Yu Wenhong. She was in a difficult situation. If she became the target of other beauties, it would hinder her secret actions.

Since she couldn’t perform well if she went, then it’s better not to go.

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