SOOEW Chapter 227- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading IV

When everyone filed back from the meeting, their expression was either happy or worried. Of course, those that were praised were happy. Those worried were those whose futures were unknown. Wu Yuzhen was the only one. They heard that she was favored by the Empress and invited to Zhongcui palace as a guest.

People in the East Palace recently found that the crown prince’s momentum was more powerful than before. In fact, many changes have taken place ever since his Highness’s serious illness.

In the past, although he was not as gentle as the second prince, he acted properly and was not difficult to serve, but ever since his illness, his eyes often give people a sinister feeling. It seemed that as long as they accidentally did something wrong, they would be doomed. This change was not only for them, but also for those close to him. In addition to the Empress, even his Highness the sixth, who has always been praying, and was far away, was treated like so, which puzzled the servants.

Later, after the little gathering in Jiang Xue Xuan, his highness changed more and more. He only needed a glance, as if he could penetrate their hearts and understand what they were thinking. After pulling out many nails, he was sure to be strict after interrogation. This was undoubtedly admirable. However, the palace people have to be more careful and attentive. In addition to serving them, they are also a little frightened.

Yu Wenhong found something wrong earlier than them. Last time he heard the strange voice, he thought it was just his illusion, but he didn’t expect the same situation one after another. In the quiet study at midnight, the waiter who absorbed the ink for him said nothing, but he could hear his “voice”.

【The second prince just wanted to take a look at the paper on his Highness’s desk. When it’s done, there will be 100 liang of silver to take. If I don’t take it, it’s a waste. It’s just a little tricky not to disturb your highness……】

The words were repeated over and over again, as if he had read them in his heart countless times, trying to think of a way.

After hearing this, Yu Wenhong calmly sent people out, and then ordered the bodyguard to arrest and torture him. Sure enough, he heard almost the same answer as his heart.

At first, he didn’t believe it. He thought he had reversed the sequence of things and had an illusion. However, after similar things appeared many times, he guessed that after rebirth, he seemed to have acquired the ability to read people’s hearts, but this ability was unstable and sometimes did not occur.

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Even rebirth could happen, so this ability didn’t make him feel too strange.

He still remembered when he was just reborn, everything seemed like a dream to him. He spent a period of time in confusion. He didn’t come to realize it until the Sixth Prince Yu Wenluo came to visit him in his “disease”. The other party was still as obedient as ever which caused him to wake up from his dream and hold his forehead while smiling.

What if it’s a dream? Butterfly dream Zhuang Zhou, Zhuang Zhou dream butterfly, if he in the dream can change his destiny, what’s the difference with reality?

Since he can rebirth, he must make up for the regrets of the previous life, seize what belongs to him, and let all those who betray him pay the price!

In the evening, the lake wind blew from the frozen lake, leaving only a biting chill. Yu Wenhong stood for a while before he was ready to leave. After his body recovered, he often came here to clear his mind with the help of the cold wind to avoid repeating the mistakes.

As he turned around, he suddenly heard a rustle.

Yu Wenhong immediately brushed away the hidden vegetation and caught the sneaky person. The other party’s wrist was thin, and it was actually a woman he grabbed, which stunned him. But when he saw her eyebrows by the light of the lantern, he immediately hissed coldly, “It’s you?”

“Your Highness?” Wen Ying exposed surprise.

“Was it that that kick that kicked you isn’t heavy enough?” He tilted his head slightly, as if he were very casual, but his eyes narrowed slightly, highlighting irony, “You sure have courage, to follow me.”

Wen Ying couldn’t shake off his hand, so she turned her eyes coyly, “I don’t dare to bear the crime of tracking you. At most, I want to meet you by chance. There are no people in Chu Xiu palace who don’t think so. Why did you only catch me? Go around those pavilions and ponds two times, and you will meet others. “

He sarcastically smiled even more, “Meeting me by chance, can it be that you like me?” These words could only deceive ghosts. He once personally saw her run into Yu Wenluo’s arms. It’s impossible to deceive him.

“Just kidding.” She pouted her mouth. “I didn’t settle with your Highness for that foot. Would you please let me go now?”

In his opinion, her attitude was like playing hard to get. She was always water-based. Otherwise, how could she throw herself in his arms? With one coax, Yu Wenluo convinced her to cheat on him and placed a green hat on him?

There must be no man in the world who could stand such an insult. Thinking of it, he grabbed her wrist and couldn’t help tightening it.

Her lips and teeth closed, but suddenly, another voice came from her.

【How could there be such an annoying person! It was said that the night scenery of Taiyin Lake was the most beautiful. If he doesn’t let go, I would bite soon——】

He was slightly stunned and subconsciously turned his head after her words.

At this moment, the long corridor on the lakeside promenade lit up the quiet lake, and the bright and beautiful waves were breathtaking.

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