SOOEW Chapter 228- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading V

At this time, the area around Taiyin lake was very beautiful. The frozen lake was like an ice mirror. Lanterns were dotted around like a small moon, and a curved moon was reflected in the center of the lake. When the palace was built, a concubine in the back palace came up with a wonderful idea. She ordered someone to light lanterns on the corridor, take a boat and dance in the center of the lake under the moon. It was as beautiful as Chang’e Fairy on the Moon Palace. The lake was called “Taiyin Lake” by the Emperor at that time, that is, Moon Lake.

In addition to the beauty of the scenery, it was famous for its legend in the back palace. Whenever the moon climbs to the middle of the lake, palace people light up the lights and it becomes quite the scenery. Every year, many beautiful women bribe the gugu on duty and sneak out to watch.

It’s not uncommon for xiunv to do the same as Wen Ying, but her statement surprised Yu Wenhong.

“You want to see the scenery?” He asked.

“Naturally……” She answered half way, and suddenly asked strangely, “How do you know? I didn’t tell you. “

Yu Wenhong didn’t speak.

He suddenly realized a problem. His cognition of people came from his previous life, but in fact, many things have not happened at this time, and the people he once saw may not be the same as his last life. Like Wen Ying, the scene that lingered in his mind was her uncontrollable joy after Yu Wenluo’s success. But now she……

He looked at the girl next to him. He didn’t get his answer, and she didn’t continue to investigate. He turned his head and threw it back to enjoy the scenery.

Her eyes reflected the sparkling moonlight of the lake, which was even more attractive than this scenery. It was hard to imagine that she had been full of calculation and worldly sophistication, and she looked particularly pure and beautiful.

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At this glance, he could not help but slow down his murderous mood.

The person he hated the most in his life was Yu Wenluo, but he also hated Wen Ying, who betrayed himself, smuggled confidential information to Yu Wenluo and finally came to be together with his enemies. Since he knew about the draft, he wanted to find someone to kill her. Since she was going to die anyway, it would be better to let her die happily, which would make him happy.

At that time, he was full of the idea of killing people. He didn’t even want to borrow other people’s hands, but personally kill those who betrayed him one by one. He thought that instead of being reborn, he might as well let him revive his soul and cut them off in his last life. Then, he would have a good companion on the road to hell.

But he finally calmed down. After all, it was still the palace. Killing beautiful women arbitrarily would cause unnecessary consequences. His ultimate goal was to take back what belongs to him, and all the other things can’t block his way.

Of course, this does not include the situation that she frequently annoys him.

In Jiang Xuexuan, no one knew the waves in his heart when the scene of this life was almost the same as that of the previous life. At that time, when she was close to him, he couldn’t help thinking of her closeness to Yu Wenluo in his previous life. When he came back, he had kicked people out.

Thinking of this, he suddenly smiled. How could he think she was innocent? Even if it was a chance encounter, her initiative to throw herself into her arms would not be false.

But just as he was about to leave, a woman’s voice suddenly came from not far away, either crisp or graceful. Many roads were kneaded together, which seemed a little noisy. The voice was approaching, indicating that several people were not far away, and the position was also coming in the direction of them.

If they go this way again, they will run into them.

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