WFILTU Chapter 297 – Guard V

“Nerd, wait for me! Lend me your homework this time. It’s too late. I still have several sets of papers to write! That’s too much! I can’t finish it! ” Yi Tianyu caught up.

In the end, Xue Jiao still lent him her homework. She was helped by others. This time, there was a lot of homework. Many people didn’t finish it. If he didn’t copy her, he would also copy others. She would lend it to him this once.

Xue Jiao sat down in her seat, took out her dictionary and began to recite it.

Yi Tianyu sat behind her and wrote quickly without lifting his head.

Approaching class, Liu Jiaxue ran into the classroom with her school bag on her back and her face flushed.

Xue Jiao was slightly stunned and asked tentatively, “You……what’s the matter with you?”

Why does her face look like she’s been beaten?

“I don’t want to study anymore……” Liu Jiaxue sat with tears streaming down her face.

“Ah?” Xue Jiao made a sound in surprise.

Liu Jiaxue turned her head and her eyes were full of despair.

“Jiao Jiao……I was ranked 110 in the whole grade this time……”

Xuej Jiao was stunned and shocked.

When she first came here, Liu Jiaxue was ranked in the top five of her age. Later, her grades declined, but she was still ranked 30 in the grade. This time……why did she become ranked in the hundreds?

“Jiaxue……what happened? Tell me about it……” Xue Jiao reached out and patted her gently.

Liu Jiaxue couldn’t stop her tears. “I can’t learn anymore. I look at the book and think about other things in my head. I’m upset even when I see homework. My mother scolds me and hits me, so I hate studying even more……”

She cried like it was dark and looked desperate.

Xue Jiao frowned and patted her gently.

“Jiaxue, you can’t think like so. We’ve worked hard for so many years. How can we give up at the last minute?”

“But I really can’t learn anymore. I don’t want to learn……I really can’t get a high score on the exam……my mother……my mother beat me……” Liu Jiaxue cried out of breath.

She didn’t know how to express her feelings. She was too upset and had a feeling of collapse and suffocation.

No one understood the pressure she was under. She knew her grades were declining, so she was very flustered. The more flustered, the worse she did on the exam.

After several exams, she began to be afraid of exams.

Today, she was even afraid to come to school.

“I know, Jiaxue, I know!” Xue Jiao reached out, patted her on the back and caressed her with a low voice.

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“I know your pain. As I said at the ceremony, year three was so bitter that just thinking about it is a great difficulty in this life. Anxious and painful, the more you want to do a good job, the worse you do it, so you really have the impulse to give up! We are so young that we may be so tired that we can’t sleep and anxious enough to lose our hair……”

Liu Jiaxue didn’t speak, and only continued crying.

“But is giving up really a good choice? Are you willing to give up your efforts after so many years? Many people want to give up, but there is no way. This is a baptism that many people have to experience. As long as it is not over, they have to keep fighting. ” Her eyes were very serious, and Liu Jiaxue stared blankly.

Xue Jiao handed her a few pieces of paper: “Come on, wipe away your tears, come to school, forget all your bad thoughts, study hard, pick up your pen and find yourself again.”

Her eyes encouraged her. Liu Jiaxue looked at her, slowly stretched out her hand and wiped her tears with a paper towel.

Then she choked and said, “Ok……”

Then she turned stiffly and took out the books one by one.

She moved very slowly. When Xue Jiao saw it, she could only sigh slightly.

In the back, Yi Tianyu reached out and patted her on the shoulder.

“What?” Xue Jiao turned back.

“I didn’t expect you to care so much about your classmates?” Yi Tianyu raised his brows.

Xue Jiao rolled her eyes at him.

“Nerd, I suddenly think you’re really good……” This seemed to be a joke, but his eyes were serious.

Xue Jiao was too lazy to look at him and said, “Don’t you want to copy my homework anymore?”

Yi Tianyu: “……copy.”

That day, the different subject teachers began to talk about the grades and questions. Xue Jiao didn’t really listen. The ones she was wrong on were originally not much. She placed more time on the higher level questions, after all, the questions on the first mock exam were quite simple.

The next day, some teachers began to talk about the holiday homework.

“This time, the homework in our class was quite bad!” The math teacher stood on the stage with his voice hoarse.

“Copying homework is too common! You copy your homework like this. Do you think I can’t see it? Do you think I’m blind? ” The teacher glared.

The students below all lowered their heads like quails and dared not speak.

Xue Jiao turned over the wrong question set and didn’t waste a minute nor a second.

“Some people just copied the homework. He’s not up to standard, which makes me very disappointed!” He glanced at the people below and suddenly shouted, “Yi Tianyu! Stand up for me! “

Yi Tianyu was stunned and stood up blankly.

What’s the matter? What’s this?

“Even if you copy the homework, Gu Xuejiao wrote it wrong, 83 plus 29. She wrote 111, and you wrote 111. What? You like copying homework? Then copy the math homework again. “

“Ah……” Yi Tianyu was worried.


Yi Tianyu was wronged and responded: “……alright.”

Xue Jiao was also quite ignorant. Was it calculated wrongly?

It’s impossible. With her understanding of Lin Zhihua, this person was a very careful person.

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  1. Ummmmm…I feel uncomfortable about the encouragement to continue studying when the real issue it the mother. Like, I’m not sure whether there cultural differences between family dynamics that is affecting my view of the situation, but right now the mother seems quite abusive, so the main focus should not be on how you shouldn’t waste efforts and continue to study, so the portrayal of it being strong and brave to continue doing the thing that is currently making you suffer is not something I’m all that for. I hope the author addresses the mother’s fault in this rather than continue to use Xiu Jiao as a medium to convey how important studying is and gloss over these things.

    • Well, what can JiaoJiao do towards Jiaxue’s mother? Nothing. That is between Jiaxue and her mother. JiaoJiao can only ignite Jiaxue’s fighting spirit once more. After all, Jiaxue is from ordinary family. She will regret this her entire life later if she give up right now. Not because of anything, but because she let her mother crushed her own future. Something which is originally hers. There is only a few months left. Jiaxue just had to persevere a little bit and then she can bid goodbye to her mother or whatever she wanted since she gonna attend college. JiaoJiao is also talking from experience. Jiaxue took it hard because she cares towards her mother; be it due to timidness, wanting to meet expectation, or whatever. That is why that is distracting her attention. As classmate, JiaoJiao can only persuade her. After all, not everyone can have resolve like her to severe relationship with Li Sitong initially… because she was once an orphan. But ordinary girl like Jiaxue can’t comprehend orphaning one ownself. Can JiaoJiao asked her to confront her mother and said she wanted to quit? That will only drove either Jiaxue or her mother much crazier. If this happened, this is where the point of what you usually saw in news, s**c*d*. This is definitely something culturally different. Western tends to not put enough importance in education. In life, there will be time you had to be brave enough to withstand something you despised, for that one chance where you will get away from that source. Both JiaoJiao and Jiaxue, even Tianyi knows that Jiaxue’s mother is at fault. But they can’t do anything.. just like when the whole school can do nothing during Gu Shiyun and Gu XueJiao tearing up each other before.

    • I know what you mean but the encouragement is spot on. She has to pull through – not for her mother but for herself, for her future ( and maybe the chance to get away from that mother ).

  2. ty.
    since it keeps coming up: honestly if you give to much home work to be done then its either not managing to finish it or group effect/copying, its self inflicted you teachers… too much or too litlte – either has a too.

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