WFILTU Chapter 298 – Guard VI

When Xue Jiao was having a problem, he could point it out immediately. He had never been careless.

Xue Jiao felt a little strange.

In the evening, Xue Jiao asked Lin Zhihua……

“Did you write 83 and 29 wrong or did you deliberately write it wrong?”

The other replied in seconds……

“En? It should be a mistake. What’s the matter? Was anyone punished for copying your homework? “

Lin Zhihua said silently: I did it deliberately, I must let the guy who copied your homework know that homework cannot be copied so casually.

Especially my homework.

The corners of his mouth moved, his fingers knocked on the table, and his eyes smiled.

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Xue Jiao: “Ohohoh, the person behind me, my original deskmate copied my homework, he was caught, criticized and disciplined to copy it over twice.”

The radian of Lin Zhihua’s mouth came up again, and he even moved his feet happily.

You deserve it.

He tapped his finger and calmly replied……

“Oh, really? That’s bad luck for him. “

He smiled and typed words with a bit of sympathy, as if he really sympathized.


Xue Jiao doesn’t know the truth of the wrong question. With the leaves falling, and the trees outside of the window beginning to bare.

Winter was coming.

They have had several light snowstorms here this winter, and heavy snow has fallen these two days.

The arrival of winter meant that the new year was getting closer and closer, which meant that the year of their college entrance examination was coming.

This college entrance examination belonged to them.

After the holiday of year one and year two, a week became six and a half days of class and half days of rest.

Their exam was based on the monthly exam and there was also an added weekly exam.

Testing until numbness is never a lie.

“Everyone cheer up! I know everyone is tired, but the teachers are also tired! Everyone wants to celebrate the new year. When you go to college next year, you will be free. ” Yin Fang clapped her hands to cheer everyone up.

Her facial expression was not as good as that of the beginning of school. She lacked two points of strength to even swear.

In order for year three students to have a purpose, almost all schools rendered the university as a free, relaxed and happy world.

But Xue Jiao who saw Cheng Mingze attend university…… didn’t believe it at all……

Cheng Mingze……came back yesterday, on the 25th day of the 12th month of the lunar year.

“Tomorrow is the final exam for year three! That’s the second mock exam. If you want to have a good year, you better test properly on the exam for me!”

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