SOOEW Chapter 229- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading VI

At this time, if Wen Ying was found alone, there would be unimaginable consequences. Even if that person was the crown prince, there would be ugly gossip. The crown prince was only a temporary affair, but she would have endless curses. Not to mention how bad the Empress’s impression of her would become, it was not impossible for the draft to put down the brand. More serious, was the thought that this was the upbringing of her family, and the other sisters in the waiting room would skin her alive.

In this regard, Yu Wenhong was too lazy to think for her and wanted to leave, but the others were already not far away. If he left now, he must be seen. Leaving her, won’t they associate and guess?

Therefore, before he took two steps, he was pulled by the woman beside him, stopped, quickly pulled into the bushes and they took refuge in the night.

“Shh……” she raised her finger and pressed it between her lips in a very low voice. “We can’t be seen, otherwise, they would think we’re here for a tryst. Wait until they leave here first. “

Unexpectedly, she had such a worry. Yu Wenhong was noncommittal, but felt very ironic.

The people who came were also beautiful women. The profile verified what Wen Ying said that “if you go to the pavilion pond for two rounds, you can meet others”. You can meet many people in the same place, but obviously they were not here to enjoy the scenery.

There were four people in total, but three of them seemed to be in a group. They jointly blamed the remaining one. The content of the topic even involved Wen Ying.

“If she leans on the mountain of the Wen family, she could just be so unscrupulous? Have the courage to attack us? “

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“The last time I had a rash, I couldn’t see the Empress. Did you do it?”

With the night wind blowing, the sound of the three people was just floating into the ears of the two people who were hiding. After running for a while, the three heard the rest of the accused person make a timid voice: “I didn’t, I didn’t do it.”

As soon as the voice of the remaining person appeared, both the people hiding were surprised.

It was Wen Ying’s attendant, Ruan Linger, Liangdi of Yu Wenhong’s previous life.

“You still say it wasn’t you? Wen Ying didn’t mean to avoid people at all. I was in the yard when she informed you. I happened to hear it when I passed by. “

【What if you heard it? It’s meant for you to hear.】

Wen Ying seemed to have a proud idea in her heart. Yu Wenhong glanced at her.

He still had some impression of Ruan Liangdi. The person was just like her name. Her usual posture was as soft as a small flower. She used to follow Wen Ying and obey her. Wen Ying did what she wanted, but it was a disaster to the other party, but she was elated when she saw such a scene, which naturally bored him.

As soon as he moved, he caused a light crash in the bushes, and she suddenly grabbed his arm. “Don’t move, it’s rare to watch a good play. Don’t you want to see it?”

Yu Wenhong frowned. Since his rebirth, he couldn’t stand the approach of others. Naturally, he shook her hand away and tried to remind her how much her behavior was.

As if she didn’t understand his dislike, she looked at the scenery and enjoyed the “good scene” she spoke about through the sheltered bushes.

He was afraid that she would make another unexpected move and didn’t move as she wanted.

At this time, Ruan Linger seemed to be pushed, screamed in a low voice, and then sobbed in a low voice. Finally, she couldn’t help saying: “……I can’t help it. She threatened me with my father’s official position. She is Miss Wen. How could I afford it? I thought, it’s just a rash at the beginning, and it’s still an informal selection, so it’s nothing. With the talents of sisters, sooner or later, you’ll be chosen to become the concubine to the prince, which makes me confused……”

“You sure can praise people. It would be better if you didn’t cry.”

Someone covered their mouth and smiled, “Do you think she’s crying for us? What a pity. It’s a pity that only we can see your posture. If the prince passes by, I’m not sure he’ll not be moved by you.”

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