WFILTU Chapter 299 – Guard VII

“Ah.…..” there was a wail from below.

“What are you shouting for!” Yin Fang glared.

“The teachers are worse than you. You go home after the exam on the 28th. We must correct your grades before the evening of the 29th!”

“Teacher.…..” Yi Tianyu raised his hand and said, “You guys don’t need to grade it. We’re not in a hurry to see the results. We can go back to school and you can grade after the new year.”

“Hahaha.” That set the whole room roaring with laughter.

“Be serious!” Yin Fang patted the table angrily. “Anyway, this time’s results would be sent to parents after the New Year. Don’t think it’s great that you passed the line last time. That’s the last time the questions would be so simple. For this time, everyone should give me all you strength! If you can’t pass the basics, I’ll speak to you again! “

“Ah.…..” there was another wail.


Only after the second mock exam started, did everyone know what Yin Fang was speaking of.

On the second mock exam, there was no parallel difficulty in history.

“Shit! Is this school immoral? If you have such a difficult problem, you have to send out your grades before the New Year. This is deliberately not letting us have a good New Year! “

“Isn’t it, it’s rubbish!”

“By the way, I heard that Chinese and mathematics have already been graded, and English has begun their grading!”

“My God, can you go inquire?”

“I dare not I dare not.…..”


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This time, the teachers did not assign so much homework. During this period, not only the students but also the teachers were tired. After the New Year, they discussed not to assign too much homework.

“Be quiet! Everyone will leave school in order. Remember to pay attention to safety and send me a message when you get home. ” Yin Fang stood on the stage and spoke loudly.

“Okay!” With one voice, the students answered as the holidays were always a happy occasion for the students.

“A lot of results have come out. Some students did badly in the exam! Forget it. Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s go back and have a happy New Year. “

“Happy New Year!”

Yin Fang finished speaking and evacuated the students.

Xue Jiao picked up her school bag and was ready to leave. She suddenly noticed that there was water on the table next to her.

She looked up and found that although Liu Jiaxue was very quiet, she kept crying.

The heart of Xue Jiao tightened.

She understood Liu Jiaxue’s pressure. She was only 16 years old, one year younger than Gu Xuejiao, but she was under great pressure.

She has worked hard these months, but her grades were always unsatisfactory.

It did not increase by much, on the contrary it retreated a little.

Yin Fang used to talk to her, but every time Liu Jiaxue just cried. Yin Fang doesn’t look for her now.

She was very stressed, like a headless fly, but she never found a way out.

“Jiaxue?” Xue Jiao made a sound gently.

Liu Jiaxue didn’t speak.

“Jiaxue, what’s the matter with you?” Xue Jiao tentatively stretched out her hand.

Liu Jiaxue suddenly wiped her eyes and said in a hurry, “Jiao Jiao, Happy New Year! Happy forever! “

When she finished speaking, she ran out immediately.

It was unknown why Xue Jiao’s heart tightened, but she hurried to chase out.

“Wei! Nerd! “

Yi Tianyu saw Xue Jiao running out and ran out with his bag on his back.

It was unknown where Liu Jiaxue got a lot of brute force from but she ran very fast.

She went out of the school gate, and ran to the right.

Xue Jiao knew that the direction of her house was on the left, and she should take a bus on the left.

Suddenly, thinking of the right side, Xue Jiao had a whitened face and softened legs, resulting in her falling to the ground.

“Jiao Jiao!” Yi Tianyu quickly helped her.

Xue Jiao’s voice trembled while pointing to the front……

“Come on! Yi Tianyu! Hurry and stop her! “

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  1. That is why you should not pressure your children too much! Most people are quite sensitive in their teenage year. I remember myself at that time even though my problems were not big (now I think so) but at that time I felt so suffocated and wronged. I think all schools should have qualified psychologist who helps teenagers to cope with their inner problems.

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  4. So Jiaxue succumbs first than her mother. Thankfully she opened up to JiaoJiao a few days back. If not, she might left the world without any friends realising the problem. Hopefully Tianyi got to her in time.

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