WFILTU Chapter 300 – Pain I

Yi Tianyu was stunned for a moment, and then reacted towards what Xue Jiao said, stop Liu Jiaxue?

Although he didn’t understand what Xue Jiao said, Yi Tianyu subconsciously followed what Xue Jiao said.

Liu Jiaxue ran so fast that Xue Jiao couldn’t catch up with her.

But Yi Tianyu caught up. After all, he was a sports student.

At this time, Liu Jiaxue had run to the bridge.

“What are you doing?” Yi Tianyu was stunned and grabbed her.

Liu Jiaxue broke away and ran to the edge of the bridge.

No matter how stupid Yi Tianyu was, he could still see that she was going to commit suicide!

“Hold her back——” Xue Jiao also followed over.

Yi Tianyu subconsciously stretched out his foot and tripped Liu Jiaxue. Xue Jiao also ran over panting at this time.

She hugged Liu Jiaxue and her eyes reddened.

“Jiaxue! What are you doing! ” Xue Jiao tightened her hands.

Liu Jiaxue tried to break free with great strength. Xue Jiao’s arm was scratched by her fingernails and tingled for a while.

She bit her teeth, burst out with unprecedented strength, and hugged Liu Jiaxue tightly continuously.

“Jiao Jiao……let me go!” Liu Jiaxue broke down and cried. The whole person lost her strength and collapsed.

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Xue Jiao fell to the ground with her, but she couldn’t care about this anymore: “Letting you go is just watching you die?”

Her voice was broken, urgent and angry, and her eyes were red.

How could she watch a life die in front of her?

“Ahah——” Liu Jiaxue opened her mouth and cried out openly.

“Living……is so tiring, let me be free, okay!”

Xue Jiao’s eyes were astringent, and her tears rolled down. It was unknown why, but she began to cry.


“Jiao Jiao, please let me go. I don’t want to stay here. I’m too tired……” her voice collapsed and was desperate, as if she was suffering unbearable torture.

Xue Jiao knew that the pressure was very painful. Before the second touch, the teacher didn’t give much lectures. The first one was to send out their papers, let them write papers and revise papers……

Then they spoke about scores, grades, declining, and rising.

Class one was an experimental class. Naturally, the pressure was unmatched by others.

Some often wrote papers and cried as they wrote. Then they wiped their tears and bit their teeth hard.

In her last life, Xue Jiao was working to earn money during the winter vacation, even on the new year holiday, in order to set aside time for review in the next semester of year three.

But the foundation was too weak. Although she made progress every time when she was a junior in high school, the result was always not as good as her own intention.

She had a deep attachment to the college entrance examination, not only for herself, but also for the person who helped her and the deceased old man.

Approaching the college entrance examination, when several scores were issued, Xue Jiao couldn’t help crying, and then revising the question while crying.

No one knows why they were crying.

It seems that they just had astringent eyes.

Year three was like a mountain, which made people breathless. If the outside world continued to give people new pressure at this time, it would be a devastating blow.

“Jiaxue……Jiaxue……” Xue Jiao hugged her while calling.

Her face was full of tears, and she didn’t know what to say.

This semester, Liu Jiaxue really worked hard, but her grades……

“Let me go……” Liu Jiaxue screamed.

Xue Jiao held her tightly and didn’t let go.

How could she watch her jump on such a cold day and into such cold water?

Xue Jiao hugged her and said, “There will be a way……there will definitely be a way……”

After half an hour, Liu Jiaxue was finally relieved of her breath.

She stopped crying and spoke softly, “Jiao Jiao, let go, I won’t commit suicide anymore.”

Xue Jiao did not dare to loosen up, but still held onto her tightly.

Her voice was still desperate. She said she would not commit suicide, but her voice clearly hid her determination.

“Jiaxue, only living can solve the problem. If you die, you have nothing.” Xue Jiao gently patted her on the back and coaxed her.

Liu Jiaxue looked at the lake and clenched her lower lip.

“Living, is really too tiring.”


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    • I think the problem is not just the educational system, in a few chapters ago it was mentioned that her mother slapped her in the face. Clearly family pressure is greater than the system itself

      • Agree. The system itself is good. Those with full support even went in brimmed with confidence before any important exam like Cheng Mingze and Yang Zhan. The problem comes from family. After all, family is varied. There might be a first time clumsy parentss, obsessive parents that wanted to relieve their own regrets, a face-is-important parents. What should be changed is having psychological department that can address it, and not only for students but they should have power to drag parents into it if they ticked the standard. It is because teachers’ authority really is limited and just having a su*c*de attempts, the parents can’t be charged with any crime. After all, Jiaxue seems to receive verbal abuse and slaps, only. These really isn’t enough to charge any crime and will just burdened Jiaxue more. It is of no help. If only teacher had authority to separate her from the family like living in the dorm. But even that required parents permission.

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  3. I really like this book, but for a while now I’ve been kind if iffy about the fanaticism around studying. Obviously it’s a different culture and I can’t say much since I grew up in Europe, but for a healthy life you need balance. I know that not everyone is like the FL and the 2nd ranker that spend their every living breathing moment studying, but it seems to promote the idea that nothing outside of studying is important. Additionally they push the idea that if stressed you should just keep pushing and bear with it, which from personal experience I know isn’t the most healthy. Brains get tired and frustrated and you need to not only to take breaks, but to also have hobbies or interest that can let you let out some steam, so it does not actually get to this point. I’m not blaming the FL for not helping more with this as she is mentally only 18 and it’s normal for her to assume everyone has the same limits as her, but I hope the book would at least mention something like this.
    Also I might be wrong in saying this (the FL obviously likes maths, so it’s not complete compulsion), but it sometimes feels like studying and the focus on the college examination is a coping mechanism for her to deal with her harsh life to the point of almost an obsession. Like considering how far into the books we are I can’t really saw that we know that much about her other than her admiration and focus on the exam and that she likes fish. This is also somewhat showcased when after dying her first thought is on how she just did the exams and now she can never know and not the fact her life was cut so short. I would love it if we can see some facets of her as the exam passes and the ML is more present.

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