SOOEW Chapter 231- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading VIII

Returning to the East Palace from Taiyin Lake, Yu Wenhong’s mood became very complicated. This is the first time he found that mind reading has not brought him all good effects. If he believes that Wen Ying will always be the woman who was unfaithful in his previous life, no matter how he deals with her, he will only have a happy mood. However, because of his mind reading skills, he heard her psychological words, which made him suddenly realize that she was still in the hairpin age of a girl and has not had as many thoughts as the future her. She doesn’t know Yu Wenluo at all. Even if he struck at her, he didn’t think there was any fun.

It’s better to……

When Yu Wenhong changed into his bedclothes and sat alone in the bedroom reading books, the dark shadow on the window screen flashed, causing him to raise his head vigilantly.

Soon, the shadow flashed in and knelt down ten steps away from him. He was dressed in tight black clothes without any embellishments. His face was also covered with a black scarf, which could be easily hidden in the night.

This is Yu Wenhong’s man of sacrifice. In the last life, they were non-essential, and there were not many people. In this life, he spent his mind on cultivating men to explore intelligence. They should do anything he could not do in the open.

“What’s the matter?”

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“My subordinates found out that the second prince had secretly communicated with Li Ge about the position of Minister of Works and recommended Vice-Minister Zuo Shilang.”

Yu Wenhong nodded, “very good.”

This is the same situation as in the previous life. His second brother, Yu Wenfeng, regardless of last life or this life, can be said as one who competes with his sword. No doubt, it was boring that he coveted the Crown Prince position, yet compared to Yu Wenluo who stabbed him in the back, he was somewhat at ease with Yu Wenfeng.

However, he will not be soft hearted. For example, this time the former Minister of Works was dismissed for corruption. In his previous life, he fought with Yu Wenfeng endlessly for the position to give to his people. Finally, he won miserably. In order to restrain him, his father gave another important post to Yu Wenfeng’s people. At the beginning, he realized that he was the eldest son, and found that his father Emperor had used Yu Wenfeng to check and balance him. He had only thought that his father had spoiled the imperial concubine and was out of his mind.

However, after a long time, he learned that his father did it because was annoyed that he had no tolerance for others, as he lowered himself and fought with his brother.

Therefore, in this life, he not only did not object to the people elected by Yu Wenfeng, but also expressed one or two approval, and then proposed other candidates to save Yu Wenfeng’s face. As far as he knows, the father Emperor’s preferred candidate for this post is the same as him, so he just needs to show his magnanimous appearance and grasp the discretion.

“One more thing……”

“Say it.”

“The imperial concubine wants the second prince to make Miss Wen’s family the imperial concubine, Your Highness?”

Because Yu Wenhong once mentioned the matters related to the Wen family and Miss Wen of the family, they reported the news as soon as they got it.

Unexpectedly, Yu Wenhong asked, “where is Yu Wenluo?”

“Sixth prince?” The shadow guard seemed surprised. Then he restrained his emotions and said, “I haven’t heard anything from the sixth prince.”

Yu Wenhong lost his smile.

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