WFILTU Chapter 301 – Pain II

Xue Jiao wanted to ask, if you died, what about your family? About us?

But she couldn’t say it. Liu Jiaxue was in so much pain now. If she spoke like this, she was kidnapping her morally.

What she should do now was to alleviate her pain as much as possible and make her willing to live well for herself.

But she didn’t know what to do for the moment.

Yi Tianyu had been standing nearby for a long time. Just now he was at a loss when he looked at the two people crying.

Now that they have cried, Yi Tianyu squatted down and whispered, “That.…..Liu Jiaxue, death really doesn’t solve the problem, and it’s very uncomfortable.…..there are many good things in the world. There’s no need to leave early.”

“That’s right, Yi Yu is right.” Xue Jiao continued to comfort Liu Jiaxue, “High school is very stressful and painful, I know. We are still living on the saddest single wooden bridge. But there is still half a year left. When the college entrance examination is successfully completed, we can enter a broader world. At that time, the sea was wide with fish jumping, and the sky was high with birds flying. After the college entrance examination, the drama of life has just begun. Why should you leave the scene early?”

Liu Jiaxue didn’t speak.

Xue Jiao patted her and said softly, “I know. You want to say that there will be more storms and more hardships in the future, right? But Jiaxue, we will also have our own sky in the future. People always have to go down, sweet, or bitter and astringent. You can realize it only when you live. Jiaxue, don’t you want to know what your future looks like? Don’t you want to know what you can turn your future into? “

Her voice was very light. After these words, Liu Jiaxue shook slightly.

“Jiaxue, shall we hold on and strive to create a future we want?” The voice of Xue Jiao was gentle.

Yi Tianyu nodded approvingly: “Learning is not the only way. You don’t have to feel that your grades have retreated, just like the sky has collapsed. If you think so, then nerd and I would have committed suicide in middle school. “

Xue Jiao glared at him.

Her eyes are red and the tip of her nose is red.

The snowflakes in the air were floating on her. It was a little cold today……

Yi Tianyu was a little distressed. Xue Jiao was sitting on the ground frozen like this.

“Liu Jiaxue, shall we take you back? You should talk to your family. “

Liu Jiaxue was shocked and bit her lower lip. Her tears rolled out again.

“I……I.…..I don’t want to go back.…..”

“Then don’t go back!” Xue Jiao straightened up and looked at her, “Then come back to my house with me.”

When Xue Jiao came back, Li Sitong had cooked a full table with the auntie.

“Jiao Jiao, why did you just come back? I’ve been waiting for you.…..yi?” Li Sitong came up and complained. She was slightly surprised to notice Liu Jiaxue behind Xue Jiao.

This was the first time Xue Jiao brought her classmates back home!

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Xue Jiao patted the stiff Liu Jiaxue and smiled at Li Sitong, “I brought my friend back, mom. Her name is Liu Jiaxue. She will live here today.”

“Aiyah, alright alright, Xue Jiao finally has friends.” Her eyes noticed their red and wet clothes, “You guys.…..”

“Cough, cough, Hello, classmate Jiaxue. I’m Jiao Jiao’s father. Go up and change clothes with Jiao Jiao first. After changing, you should hurry down to dinner.” Cheng Shuo stood up with a smile and interrupted Li Sitong’s question.

Sitting opposite him, Cheng Mingze also exposed  a polite smile: “Go up quickly. It’s snowy today. Don’t catch a cold.”

“Alright!” Xue Jiao answered and hurried to bring Liu Jiaxue upstairs.

She was very happy. Her father and brother were very smart. It’s not a good thing to ask too many questions at this time.

Liu Jiaxue whispered, “Thank you, uncle and auntie.…..”

Very soon, they went upstairs. Li Sitong wondered slightly: “Ah Shuo, are you not letting me ask?”

Cheng Shuo smiled, shook his head and looked at Cheng Mingze.

Cheng Mingze explained to Li Sitong, “Today is the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month. It’s just a holiday. Xue Jiao’s friend came to us instead of going home. It can be seen what happened. Moreover, both of them obviously cried, and their bodies were still dirty. What happened 100% was something big. As soon as Xue Jiao came back, she didn’t explain, that is, she didn’t want us to know for the time being. At this time, it’s best to respect Xue Jiao. “

“Ah? Has Jiao Jiao been wronged? ” Li Sitong’s eyes suddenly widened.

“Looking at Jiao Jiao, there should be no major event that happened to her. It’s her classmate who may be in bad condition.” Cheng Mingze explained.

“This.…..” Li Sitong didn’t know what to do. This was the first time Jiao Jiao brought a friend home.

Cheng Shuo smiled at her: “It’s all right. Just pretend you don’t know anything. Just treat it like an ordinary guest.”

“Oh Oh, ok.” Li Sitong nodded.

Then she went back to the kitchen and asked the auntie to put together another bowl of rice.

Very soon, Xue Jiao went downstairs with Liu Jiaxue who changed her clothes.

“Xue Jiao, Jiaxue, hurry and come to dinner!” Li Sitong shouted with a smile.

“Coming, coming.” Xue Jiao answered with a smile.

Liu Jiaxue bit her lower lip and nodded.

Everyone was sitting at the table. Li Sitong poured a glass of milk for one person, smiled and said, “Sister Xu has just left for home. Let’s have another big meal. I will be cooking soon. I can’t cook so many dishes in the next few days.”

“Eat quickly and cherish this meal.” Xue Jiao whispered beside Liu Jiaxue’s ears.


Xue Jiao’s voice was very low: “My mother cooks.…..well.…..she has no talent.…..”

Liu Jiaxue was stunned and looked up blankly.

“Look at my father and my brother’s smile.”

Liu Jiaxue looked at the two faces that looked at Li Sitong with a stiff smile.

Liu Jiaxue suddenly moved her mouth.

This was her first smile in this period of time.

“Jiaxue, eat quickly!” Li Sitong clipped her vegetables.

Liu Jiaxue hurriedly replied: “Thank you, auntie.…..”

The family ate and talked happily.

No one asked Liu Jiaxue why she didn’t go home, and no one asked her other questions. They all talked about interesting things and arrangements.

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  2. Xue Jiao and JiaXue THEIR NAMES ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!!! Look another daughter, she works so hard and needs a healing

  3. It is really hard for dependent student when it is about their own family. I wonder if other country had some sort of solution for situation like Jiaxue? Because as far as I know, in my place, there is really nothing authority can do if the parents haven’t do something that can be charged as abuse (obviously slaps isn’t included; pour hot water, cigs, break bone, strangling are some of the things included as abuse), they can only ask for questioning and advice to get along well from now on kinda thing. There is also problem that if both parents indeed suspected as abuse the child had to be send to other relatives (that might not necessarily talk good, psychological burden) or worst if no relatives, they had to send to some shelter/orphanage…. which is not a good place either. For 17 y.o, I guess you need to pack up and pay for court procedure if you wanted to persist which is costly. Only solution is run away from home, which is riskier too. Still haven’t finished high school, a girl and no money. Is there like a shelter specifically for abused child or place that manage child saved from those kind of house? Where they helped them settled down for like a month and two before they can independently make livelihood instead of leading into a bad path??

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