WFILTU Chapter 302 – Pain III

After a meal, Liu Jiaxue felt relaxed for the first time, as if her pressure had been forgotten for the time being.

But after dinner, her cell phone vibrated slightly and continuously.

Liu Jiaxue was stiff and dared not answer.

The phone kept ringing, and the rapid vibration was like conveying the anger from the other end of the phone.

Xue Jiao gently stretched out her hand: “Jiaxue, can I accept it?”

Liu Jiaxue subconsciously bit her lips for a moment and nodded with her eyes closed.

Xue Jiao had just answered the call, and there was a sound shaking her eardrums from the other end of the phone——

“Liu Jiaxue, where have you been, you dead woman! ! ! Do you know how worried this old lady is? !”

“Auntie, I’m Gu Xuejiao. Jiaxue is at my house.”

The other end of the phone was quiet for a moment. After a long time, a voice came from inside and softened a lot: “Student Gu, ask Jiaxue when she will come back.”

Xue Jiao smiled: “Aunt, Jiaxue may have to stay here for a few more days.”

“It’s about to be Chinese New Year?! What does this mean by allowing her to live at your place?” Qian Yu began to roar again.

Xue Jiao continued to smile: “I think you should allow Jiaxue to make an occasional decision, rather than let her be your puppet.”

When she finished speaking, there was a heavy breath at the other end of the phone. It was obvious that Qian Yu was very angry now, but she was suppressing her temper.

“Auntie, I’ll send you my address. You can come here and see Jiaxue.”

With that, Xue Jiao hung up the phone, sent out the address and spoke softly, “Jiaxue, it’s all right.”

Liu Jiaxue bit her lower lip and Xue Jiao patted her gently.

Cheng Shuo placed down the newspaper: “Jiaxue, you live with Xue Jiao these days. I’ll move a desk for you tomorrow. You can also work on your homework together.”

On behalf of the Cheng family, he expressed his attitude of welcoming Liu Jiaxue to live here.

Liu Jiaxue tightly grasped the hand of Xue Jiao and said softly, “Thank you.”

Li Sitong came and rubbed her head: “Young girls should smile more. Don’t be like Jiao Jiao, and seem like a fool.”

Xue Jiao stared at her with her big eyes in disbelief.

Liu Jiaxue looked at the scene and smiled.

Xue Jiao estimated that Qian Yu would come. Sure enough, when it was almost ten o’clock, a couple came in a hurry.

Qian Yu still looked like that, but today she was a little worried and didn’t dress so fancy. The man behind her was Liu Jun, that is, Liu Jiaxue’s father, who was still silent.

“President Cheng, hello hello 1 *polite form of greeting , I’m Jiaxue’s mother. This is her father, Liu Jun. Our family opens……”

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Cheng Shuo smiled: “It’s my daughter who asked you out. I don’t know what’s going on, so let’s let my daughter speak to you.”

He stood up and brought Cheng Mingze upstairs.

Qian Yu was stunned and bumped into Liu Jun next to him: “What does this mean?”

Liu Jun smiled shyly, “That is to say, Jiaxue’s classmates asked us to come, and President Cheng didn’t intervene.”

“How is that possible?! She’s a little girl, can she even make her own decisions?! It must have been decided by President Cheng? ” Qian Yu was a little confused.

Liu Jun shook his head.

At this time, Xue Jiao came down. Yes, only Xue Jiao.

She left Liu Jiaxue on it, placed her under the quilt and let her sleep well, not allowing her to come down.

“Classmate Gu, where’s Jiaxue?” Qian Yu looked back.

“Jiaxue didn’t come down. I want to talk to you.” Xue Jiao spoke softly, and then sat down opposite them.

Qian Yu and Liu Jun were stunned.

Xue Jiao continued: “I want to know why you forced Jiaxue into this?”

“What do you mean? Forced into what? ” Qian Yu was stunned.

Xue Jiao whispered, “Jiaxue almost committed suicide today. If we hadn’t saved her, you wouldn’t have received my text message at this time, but rather, a message regarding Jiaxue’s bad news.”

“What……what……” Liu Jun was stunned.

However, Qian Yu stood up quickly and said angrily, “The sky has turned over?! She actually killed herself? ! “

Xue Jiao frowned: “Aunt, I think you need to reflect on your attitude. Even if we could save Jiaxue once, we may not be able to save her the second time.”

“Why can’t she think less of it?!” Qian Yu suppressed all kinds of emotions rising in her heart, including fear, anger and worry. Finally, anger appeared on her face.

“Because the pressure was too great, she couldn’t stand it. Can I know what pressure uncle and auntie is giving her?” Xue Jiao continued to ask.

“What pressure do I place on her? I worked hard to earn money to support her and provide her with food and drink to go to school. How can I place pressure on her?! ” Qian Yu’s face was unbelievable.

“Year three has a lot of pressure. You must have given her pressure, so she doesn’t dare to go home.”

Qian Yu stood up and looked unbelievable: “It’s really too funny. I work hard to make money every day. Her father cooks food in the kitchen every day. She is a student. The wind and rain can’t blow on her. We’re just letting her study. What else can’t she stand?! You let her come down and I’ll talk to her! “

Xue Jiao inhaled deeply: “Auntie, I think your essential cognition is wrong. I can’t communicate with you for the time being. You must realize the hard work and pressure of year three before I can continue to talk to you.”

“You let Liu Jiaxue down first! I’ll bring her back. “


“Xue Jiao,” Cheng Shuo interrupted, “You go up first. I’ll have a good communication with Liu Jiaxue’s mother.”

Xue Jiao stood up and gave the place to Cheng Shuo.

Cheng Shuo was much stronger than her and had enough social experience. She doesn’t know how to explain. Maybe Cheng Shuo had a way.

Xue Jiao was very angry and went upstairs.

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  2. If only in society there is enough patience for every family to help each other. But people are ruthless. Cheng Shou is more powerful that Liu family are wary of. Had it been other family, they can be charged of kidnapping already. Legal procedure really are flawed

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