WFILTU Chapter 303 – Pain IV

Cheng Shuo took out a book and sat down opposite Qian Yu and Liu Jun. Then he said, “You two, I don’t understand some places. I don’t know the whole story, but I have to correct your understanding of whether learning is hard or not.”

They were stunned.

Cheng Shuo continued, “Does Madam Qian run a restaurant?”

“Yes.” Qian Yu nodded.

Cheng Shuo said, “Then it sure is really hard, from purchasing to soliciting customers, and then to accounting……”

“Isn’t it, I work so hard……”

Cheng Shuo waved his hand and didn’t let her speak. Then he slowly opened his mouth: “How about this, don’t open your restaurant anymore. It’s much easier. Besides, it seems to require a lot of money to open a restaurant. Or how about this, us, Peng Cheng will open a restaurant next to you to help you reduce your pressure? “

Qian Yu’s face was stiff. She smiled far-fetched after a long time and said: “President Cheng, don’t joke……”

Cheng Shuo smiled and said, “Is there too much pressure? I want to ask you, when your business is bad, do you feel great pressure or do you feel bad doing business every day? “

Qian Yu didn’t speak.

“You may know in your heart that you must be tired of doing business every day, and you will only complain when you go home every day, but if your business is bad, it will be more uncomfortable. You would be unable to sleep and become worried. It’s easy to work. How can it be worse? Do you know why? Because you have the pressure of life on you.”

Qian Yu stared at him.

“Do you still feel that learning is not painful? She has the pressure of entering a higher school, the pressure of achievement, and the pressure is so great that when she doesn’t do well on the exam, the pain can be imagined. Then, if you force her again, it’s almost equal to——you’re forcing her to die. “

Cheng Shuo looked straight at her: “Jiao Jiao is too polite. I think you forced Jiaxue to commit suicide.”

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Qian Yu’s face turned white.

“The teachers of all subjects in the school said that year three was very tiring and asked the parents to cooperate with students, but in front of me sat the parents who were forcing students. Madam Qian, you should know the suicide rate of young people. “

Cheng Shuo stood up: “We respect Jiao Jiao very much. Jiao Jiao has decided to let student Jiaxue live here tonight. We will certainly support it. So I won’t let you take the person away. Now, you can go out, go back early and rest early. “

Then he turned around and walked to his room.

Qian Yu and Li Jun looked at each other, then stood up blankly and left.

In the kitchen, Li Sitong, who was carrying a fruit tray, was full of tears, cried, and slid down to the ground.



What’s the difference between her before……and Qian Yu?

From upstairs, Xue Jiao and Jiaxue laid in the quilt.

“Dad said your parents have left.” Xue Jiao whispered.

Liu Jiaxue bit her lower lip and was afraid.

Xue Jiao reached out and patted her across the quilt: “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.”

“Jiao Jiao……I’m afraid……”

“Don’t be afraid, you are angry now. If your parents don’t correct their mistakes, you won’t forgive them and can ignore them!” Xue Jiao leaned over, looked at Liu Jiaxue and smiled.

Her tone was mischievous and soothing.

Liu Jiaxue looked at the ceiling for a moment, turned around and faced Xue Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao……your family is so fortuous……”

Xue Jiao didn’t speak, and just looked at her quietly.

Liu Jiaxue continued: “My mother didn’t even complete her primary school studies. She never felt that learning was a very uncomfortable and tiring thing. In the past, I had to be first on the exams. My mother didn’t say anything when I was ranked first on the exam, but later in high school, I found it difficult to get first place again. There were so many more powerful people than me. It seems that I could never be the first again. “

Xue Jiao just looked at her with concern and didn’t speak.

Liu Jiaxue’s eyes twinkled and she cried unconsciously.

“My mother used to scold me, but every time I came first on the exam, she was very happy and wouldn’t scold me for a long time. Ever since my decline in studies, my mother began to scold me every day. Sometimes I think, am I a redundant person? Why does she hate me so much? “

Liu Jiaxue closed her eyes and opened them a moment later.

“My family is different from other families. I grew up under my mother’s scolding. She scolded my father and neighbors. When I was a child, there was only a small cart stall at home. My mother and my father pushed the car out to sell things every day. Her voice was very loud, soliciting customers and swearing. I could hear it from the tube building at home. “

She seemed to fall into some kind of memory: “My father has no ability. He does what my mother says. In this way, my mother often scolded him. When I graduated from primary school, my family finally opened a restaurant, which was opened by my mother. My father worked as a waiter and was often scolded by my mother. Later, when I was in junior high school, my mother thought the restaurant depended too much on the cook, so she asked my father to learn from the cook. “

“Later, my father took care of the kitchen and my mother took care of everything else. She often scolded my father. I grew up in such an environment when I was a child. Jiao Jiao, you said my mother did this to my father. Am I really the crystallization of my parents’ love? For my mother, my father is just her outlet to vent. They certainly don’t welcome me. If I die, they won’t be forced to stay together for me. My mother will be free, and my father won’t have to be scolded by my mother every day. “

Xue Jiao reached out and took her hand.

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  2. This classmates Lou’s mom’s character seems so realistic, as it is quite a bit similar to my own mom…ha!….

    • It is prove of you are grown up with whatever environment you grew up in. Liu’s mother grew up in a bad environment as well. She grew up well in enviroment full of scoldings and swearings so she didn’t see that as wrong. She projected her desires of going to school and doing well academically into her daughter, but she herself isn’t one educated enough to support that projection. Liu’s father should also had grew up under scoldings and swearings, but instead of taking rein of doing one, he become the complacent in receiving, thus he becomes a timid and used to it. It is through education that Liu Jiaxue felt her family condition is bad and abnormal. Through comparison with other family, she felt longing and unwanted. Liu’s father and mother never felt they are unwanted no matter the verbal abuse they grew up because their comparison were other children with no education and help supporting the family income. They felt, they did the same as their parents, feeling on inclusion. Jiaxue however is doing something different than her parents. Both side didn’t see the commonality and can’t understand one another. Liu Jiaxue’s parents are very common parents in my community too. They actually loved their child but didn’t understand her.. because she is now on a road they wanted her to take but they never had even walked on.

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