SOOEW Chapter 233- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading X

“Elder brother, have you also come to see the scenery of Taiyin?”

The person who said the greetings seemed very interested, but the voice of the person who answered him was faint, “That’s right, sixth brother is also here.”

This was the voice of the crown prince!

She recognized it immediately. After waiting so long, she thought his Highness would not come. Unexpectedly, she was just unlucky and didn’t meet him.

If, if she could have the chance to talk to the prince, she can make him look at her differently.…..then would it even be important as to who she offends?

Her heart warmed at the thought.

“Hey, brother, where did you get that from?” The sixth prince plucked a petal from the prince’s shoulder, “It’s a white plum.”

Ruan Linger was knocked hard with a hammer and shook in place.

She did not hear the prince’s answer, or she heard but forgot as her whole mind fell on the sentence “white plum”. There were not many plum trees planted by the Taiyin lake, and there was only one white plum—— just above the top of their head where Wen Ying was hiding.

So just now, Wen Ying didn’t hide there alone. Was the prince next to her?

But doesn’t the prince.…..hate Wen Ying?

It turned out that it was not her luck was bad, but too good! The prince arrived long ago. He not only arrived, but also saw all her appearance.…..he and Wen Ying listened to her ugly appearance and what she did behind her back. How much the prince hated Wen Ying at that time, was how much he should hate herself now.

How did this happen?!

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Why does she have nothing, no matter what she does is wrong, yet even if she does wrong, men would still forgive her. Was it because of her family background or because of her appearance?!

Wen Ying……

She clenched her fingertips painfully at the thought of the woman in sharp contrast to herself.

Wen Ying had a good night’s sleep. Before even waiting for Bi Yue to wake up in the morning, she heard the beautiful women outside chirping and sighing about Wu Yuzhen’s good life.

“It’s said that Miss Wu was invited by the Empress and went to Zhongcui Palace to accompany her as a guest. Of course, she was exempted from today’s practice.” Bi Yue told her.

There was a small pavilion outside the room. When Wen Ying was washing and dressing up, she couldn’t help listening to what they say there. The more they say, the more biased they are, and the more they reflect her.

“It’s no wonder that although Miss Wu’s family background is good, she doesn’t like watching some people bully others. She acts decently and is admired by others.”

“Yes, someone wants to get ahead of her and get close to the Crown Prince. However, the Crown Prince looks down on it because of their dirty means.”

For fear of an impulse from her young lady, Bi Yue added two more strokes to the reputation of “bullying others”, but she saw that the young lady was especially calm this time, as if she hadn’t heard it. Seeing that she had just put on makeup powder and wanted to put on rouge, she quickly handed her a box.

“This was sent by Miss Ruan in the morning. She said it was made by herself. If she had offended Miss before, please forgive her.” Bi Yue repeated it again. Suddenly, she felt something wrong and muttered, “I think she’s also quite weird. Should it be better to use the box we brought from home.…..”

Wen Ying thought with her chin and said, “Just use it.”

This box of rouge reminded her of one thing.

Wen Ying only had to wait two more days. Unexpectedly, the other party couldn’t wait for a moment. It seemed that she was afraid that she would hurt her if it was too late.

That afternoon, after the training course of the ladies, the ladies chatted and played in the garden in twos and threes. Ruan Linger also held a cat in her hand. It was said that it was raised by a maid in waiting. Seeing that it was lovely, she asked the other party to lend it to her to play for a while. The cat had a tiger’s head, gray hair and big black eyes, which really attracted many beautiful women to come pet it.

“Won’t Miss Wen come pet it?”

Although these people secretly hate her, they dared not talk nonsense to her face. Instead, they greeted her with a fake smile.

Ruan Linger looked down and whispered while petting the cat’s hair: “I heard that sister Wen loves cats too. Would you not pet it? It’s very tame. “

As soon as she said this, if We. Ying didn’t go, she would seem to be not sociable enough.

However, as she approached, the cat was suddenly a little tight, arched and ready to go, and others were just waiting for what. When Wen Ying approached and was about to squat down, she saw it expose its teeth and growl, jump up, and the sharp cat claw was about to scratch Wen Ying’s face!

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