WFILTU Chapter 304 – Pain V

Liu Jiaxue closed her eyes: “When I finished the mock exam last time, my mom said she would break my leg if I don’t do well on  the second mock exam. I.…..didn’t do well on the exam, and I also don’t want to live anymore.…..”

“Don’t say such a thing!” Xue Jiao spoke while interrupting her, “Don’t speak about dying, you are so young, don’t think about dying again. The day you enter the university is the day you leave home.”

Liu Jiaxue didn’t speak, but tightened her hand.

Xue Jiao opened her mouth and said softly, “In fact, I used to be very unhappy. My mother doesn’t understand me. My father was just my stepfather and doesn’t dare to care about me. My father, stepmother and my father’s daughter all want to harm me.”

“I didn’t understand, I didn’t get it. But later, I know that my life is my own. People should live for their own goals, not for others. ” She smiled softly.

“Later, I didn’t care about my mother, and she probably understood some of my difficulties. Slowly, my family has become what you see. “

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Liu Jiaxue was still in tears. After a moment, she released her hand.

Then her head came over a little and she gently placed her head against the shoulder of Xue Jiao.

“Jiao Jiao.…..thank you.…..”

“You’re welcome.” Xue Jiao replied softly.

Liu Jiaxue leaned against her, her breathing gradually evenly.

Just looking at the blue and black under her eyes, Xue Jiao knew that Liu Jiaxue had not slept well for a long time.

Maybe she was tired of crying, or maybe she was in her home. Without scolding, she finally slept quietly.

Xue Jiao stopped talking. Being sleepy was a good thing, which showed that she was relaxed now.

“Buzz——” the phone vibrated.

Xue Jiao reached out and took over the phone from the other side. It was Lin Zhihua’s news——

[Happy holiday.]

Xue Jiao typed gently——

[Thank you.]

On the other end of the phone, Lin Zhihua was slightly surprised and looked at the time. It was already 11:30 p.m.

At the end of the year, the company was very busy, and Lin Zhihua was only a little relieved now.

He just didn’t expect that Xue Jiao also hadn’t slept yet……

[Lin Zhihua: What’s wrong? What’s bothering you?]

Xue Jiao looked at the news and turned sideways to see Liu Jiaxue with her eyes closed.

She didn’t know how to comfort her, nor how to dispel her idea of suicide. She was afraid that she would impulsively do something to hurt herself when she didn’t pay attention.

So she must find a way to solve the problem. After all.…..she can’t look at her forever.

“I’m sorry.…..” Xue Jiao said softly.

Then she gently left her side, got out of bed and went out of the door with her phone.

She didn’t reply until she went to the balcony——

[May I.… you? I’m troubled right now.]

A moment later, Lin Zhihua called.

“What’s the matter? Jiao Jiao. “

His voice was concerned and worried. When Xue Jiao listened to this voice, the panic in her heart finally faded.

“I’m scared. I have a classmate.…..”

Xue Jiao told him all the details, and then squatted down with red eyes.

“What do you think I should do to make her stop this terrible idea? I’m afraid I’m still powerless. In this way.…..I’ll hate myself all my life. “

“Don’t be uncomfortable, Jiao Jiao.” Lin Zhihua frowned slightly.

For Lin Zhihua, it meant that a young man was under great pressure and couldn’t bear it. He can’t handle it and is in despair.

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  2. This book hits home. I have thoughts of committing suicide because I was incompetent and incapable, and I thought my family will be happier without me but will they?
    My parents separated and my mom is single handedly raising me and my siblings. If I die, who will help my mother?
    I have a younger sibling who aspires to be a doctor and with our age gap, I should be able to work and save enough for her medical school.
    I have another younger sibling who has difficulty concentrating in school and could almost be considered a ‘special’ child.
    My mom spent most of her time working with an injured spine. Anytime, she would be unable to walk and my siblings will be left alone.
    Maybe I could be giving myself excuses and maybe I am not. For sure I know, this is the reason I don’t dare to commit suicide even if I fail university. I will find all means to continue living for the sake of others if I cannot find the will to live for myself. My only wish is that the people who I am living for won’t push me away even if most of the time they could see me failing emotionally and academically.

    • You are strong! You had family that needed and wanted you. You might had many obstacles and hardships but you persevere with the thoughts of them. That actually give me impression that your mom and siblings had some happy moments with you that keep you going. People said life is all about perspective. You can use them as excuses or you can use them as motivation, you should know you are free to do so. No one judgement should affect what you believe is the most regretless path. Love yourself enough to love others. S**c*de thought is sign you didn’t love yourself enough, and you had won multiple times to show that you loved yourself enough! So you are privileged to love your family. I hope your family won’t ever push you that loved them away no matter what happened. Bless you and your family.

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