SOOEW Chapter 234- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XI

The cat’s claws flashed in the light, which was particularly frightening. The beauties next to them all screamed!

Wen Ying was already ready, but before she could react, a stone was thrown diagonally, full of energy, hitting the cat, made it cry “Ao” and fell back into Ruan linger’s arms.

Taking this opportunity, Wen Ying stood away quietly. Without the stimulation of the blush on her face, the cat was soon pacified.

Because the stone is small yet fast, no one noticed when it fell to the ground, so others couldn’t help but rubbed their heads. They just thought that the kitten turned crazy for no reason. But in any case, the cat’s violent injury was so scary that they blamed Ruan linger for not teaching the cat well and asked her to take the cat away quickly.

Ruan linger didn’t expect that this move didn’t hurt Wen Ying. If a beauty destroys her appearance, even if there is only a minute wound, she can’t be selected again. That claw was about to catch Wen Ying’s face, but the disappointing cat fell down!

She repressed her emotions and apologized to Wen Ying repeatedly.

As soon as this happened, everyone lost interest in playing and scattered one after another. Ruan linger also left using the reason of returning the kitten.

Only Wen Ying stood still.

She used to travel with a retinue in front and back of her before, but when the Crown Princ’s issue came out, others were afraid that it would not pay to get involved with her, so they didn’t surround her and let her stay here alone. She waited until the last person’s shadow disappeared and said in a certain direction, “You still won’t come out yet?”

Just now she was close to the cat. She obviously felt a gust of wind passing by, and heard the sound of stones hitting the ground. She knew someone was there.

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At first, no one spoke and it was quiet all around. Until she waited patiently for a while and walked in that direction, someone finally came out from behind the tree. The man was very handsome, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, red lips and white teeth. He was wearing a royal blue robe with a golden dragon on his shoulder and a cloak. He weighed a small stone in his hand and threw it up and down. Seems like he used just this to scare the cat away . It was very accurate. He should not be very old. He looks only a year or two older than her and has a beautiful and intelligent appearance.

This man is no other than the Sixth Prince who will subvert the imperial power in the future and finally ascends the throne as the Emperor.

“How did you know I was hiding here?” He suddenly held the falling stone and thought, “do you want to thank me? Actually… “

“Mind your own business.”

“—— don’t thank me. It’s my pleasure… Eh?”

Wen Ying’s pouting’s lips took a breath, letting out a silver mist, and smiled at him beautifully, “who told you to be nosy?”

Yu Wenluo blinked his eyes, finding it beyond comprehension. “……Couldn’t you see that the woman with the cat is hurting you? When others get close to the cat, nothing happens. Only when you get close to it, the cat becomes irritable and hyperactive. I guess you have something to attract it. ” As he speculates, his eyes flashed, “that thing must have been gifted to you by the woman in order to destroy your face.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“You’re so verbose. Of course I know.” When she didn’t laugh, the corners of her lips were still upturned, which made her losing her temper look a little naive, “do you know you interrupted my plan?”

As soon as she spoke, he understood, “you already have an arrangement?”

“Do you think she’s the only one? There is someone else behind her. “

Wu Yuzhen played such a trick in her last life. Interestingly, at that time, she dealt with Ruan linger who was pregnant. This time, Ruan linger somehow hooked up with her and joined hands with her.

Yu Wenluo said, “I didn’t expect you to be pretty smart.”

“I think you just read too much. You want to act  as a hero to save the beauty and win the love of the beauty.” Wen Ying looked at him from under her long curled eyelashes, like a harmless deer, but she revealed his identity in one breath, “Your Highness, the Sixth Prince.”

Yu Wenluo was not surprised. It can be said that in his previous conversation with her, he found that he underestimated her. Her last remark seemed to be a joke, but it surprised him.

“Are you thinking, how is it that I discovered your motivation?”

He didn’t speak, his eyes fixed on her, absorbed.

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