WFILTU Chapter 306 – Accident I

Xue Jiao stared at him and didn’t speak for a long time.

The boy standing opposite slightly raised his brows and asked, “Are you calling your mysterious friend again?”

Xue Jiao scratched her head awkwardly: “Yes……”

Cheng Mingze drank water and said, “Jiao Jiao, in fact, you can ask me and dad for help if you have a problem. We can also help you.”

“Alright……” Xue Jiao was a little embarrassed.

She couldn’t talk to Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze about some problems, but she could easily tell Lin Zhihua everything.

She also doesn’t know why.

“All right, go up and sleep.” Cheng Mingze said easily.

Xue Jiao held her phone and nodded, “Alright.”

Then she walked upstairs quickly.

Cheng Mingze was still standing in the living room, staring at a place, motionless, and then squeezed the cup in his hand.

Lin Zhihua!

It was actually Lin Zhihua!


Xue Jiao was relieved after she left the living room. Cheng Mingze’s sight made her feel stressed, but she must admit that whenever there were difficulties or problems, Lin Zhihua was the first person she thought of.

When Xue Jiao opened the door, she just saw Liu Jiaxue sitting on the bed and looking around blankly.

Hearing the footsteps, she immediately turned around.

“Jiao Jiao……” her voice carried some fear in its aftermath.

Xue Jiao smiled gently and then approached her: “Jiaxue, how did you wake up?”

Liu Jiaxue shook her head and looked at Xue Jiao: “Where have you been?”

“I went down and drank some water.” Xue Jiao opened her quilt, laid down, and then turned her head, “Let’s have a talk.”

Liu Jiaxue was stunned.

Xue Jiao said, “Jiaxue, I think your parents may love you, and your parents may even love each other.”

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Liu Jiaxue’s pupils contracted, and then she subconsciously retorted: “Impossible!”

Xue Jiao smiled, shook her head and said helplessly, “I didn’t know why my father liked my mother so much. My mother was divorced with a child, and especially, the child who was the me from before, rebellious and causing trouble. After my grandfather left, there was nothing at home. Before, I thought my mother was not good at that or this. Dad was different. Although he also had a child, my brother Cheng Mingze was very excellent. He runs a large company himself. He has a high EQ and IQ. According to my second aunt’s words…… there are a lot of beautiful young girls who like my father. “

“Then why……” Liu Jiaxue asked subconsciously.

Xue Jiao looked up at her and smiled, “There’s no reason. My father just likes my mother. Sometimes I think my mother is stupid, but my father always explains to her with a smile and makes it clear to her. As long as it’s not a matter of principle, my father rarely hurts my mother. “

Liu Jiaxue was slightly stunned.

Xue Jiao continued: “My mother also treats my father the same, too. Although she is always stupid, she listens to my father because she trusts my father. She believes that my father will never cheat her or hurt her. Husband and wife, there are things that ordinary people don’t know why they like each other, such as feelings, who can say it clearly? “

“My parents……are not warm at all…” Liu Jiaxue bit her lower lip and whispered.

Xue Jiao shook her head and said firmly, “Warmth is not necessarily the way for all husbands and wives to get along. Jiaxue, if your father doesn’t like your mother, why wouldn’t he leave the woman who scolds him every day? If your mother doesn’t like your father, why doesn’t she find another man she likes? Your mother has this ability.”

Liu Jiaxue was stunned.

“They may really be together because they like each. If they didn’t stay with each other because they like each other then, it’s for the children. Jiaxue, if they don’t like each other and are together for their children, then you say, do they not love you? ” Xue Jiao looked at Liu Jiaxue and asked seriously.

Her eyes were sincere and serious, so Liu Jiaxue listened to every word she said, and……seriously thought about it.

Xue Jiao lay down and covered the quilt over herself: “Not every couple is warm, which may be related to their character. People can choose anything in their life, or even death, but you can’t choose your birth. You reincarnate and become your mother’s child. She’s this character. You have no choice. “

“I used to feel bad too. I think my mother has many problems. Even the way she loves me is wrong. She doubts me, questions me and doesn’t protect me, but she gave birth to me, raised me and loves me. I will not give back her love all my life, but I will give back her respect. “

Xue Jiao yawned. Obviously, she was very sleepy.

This time was far behind her usual bedtime.

“Hence, Jiaxue……you can……talk to your father……see what he……thinks……of your mother……” Xue Jiao said and went to sleep.

Very soon, a gentle, and even breath came.

Liu Jiaxue sat for a while and gradually calmed down. Then she turned her head and looked at Xue Jiao who was sleeping quietly.

She moved and lay down, gently putting her head against the shoulder of Xue Jiao.

She whispered, “Thank you, good night.”

Then she closed her eyes quietly.

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  2. Aww~ so cute! The gesture of leaning her head against Xue Jiao’s shoulder is adorable! Also, yes, it could be that they do not know how to express it properly. When helpless, sometimes, the only thing we could do is hurt and scream even if it sounds illogical and irrational. I am like that, too.

    • True.. and it is much harder since every parents are a first time parent. Since every child is different, parents will had to learn how to be a parent to each child. Some succeed brilliantly, some barely passed and sadly some also failed.
      And also every couple is different. Couple always shouted for equality in partnership but always forgot every person had different definition of it. Liu Jiaxue’s parents definitely found each other definition to match, just like Cheng Shou and Li Sitong. Some might say this is flawed than that and are not suitable for each other, but they are the one that had freedom to choose who they want as lifetime partner. Had you see some woman that loved to swear and scold their family but the husband just smile, keep quiet and still loved her the same? Her children obedient and respect her? It is because you just see how she is outside the house. The husband see many more of her. Maybe she had qualities inside the house that is super endearing to the husband. As well as towards the children. They might had experienced her/him exhausting her/him entire being to keep them safe. I am not talking about doing chores/works outside, but action like her/him saved the child/spouse; from burning hot kettle, fall down to cushion their falling, picking up branch/stone to shoo away crazy/venomous animals, shielding them from danger, or tender moment like picking them up when they fall asleep outside of the bed. So they can look over the flawed side of them.

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