SOOEW Chapter 235- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XII

“What you’re thinking now is, ‘if I don’t talk, I want to see what she’ll guess what I’m thinking’?”

He still didn’t speak and winked at her.

“Hm, you’re thinking ‘she’s so interesting, much more interesting than I thought’.” When she finished, she exhaled, warmed her hands, rubbed them, and then stretched out in front of him, “the performance is done, pay me.”

He smiled and showed his white teeth. He generously took off a jade pendant around his waist and put it in her hand. He asked with great interest, “can you read minds? Is that why my big brother likes you?”

She recognized that his question was just a joke to express his admiration for her, but he didn’t expect that she did have the skill of mind reading. She just gave it to others. Even if she did not read his mind, it was not difficult to guess his mind after knowing him.

“You really have a bad intention.” She stared at him, “were you there that night at the Taiyin lake? Did you see it when I hid with him? “

He smiled and said nothing.

Wen Ying also knew he wouldn’t admit it. Although it’s not good to compare herself to a thing, she’s afraid that Yu Wenluo just wants to rob Yu Wenhong’s things this time. He threw a stone to impress her. Like in his previous life, he made the original owner kill her heart hard step by step.

Wen Ying threw the jade pendant back into his arms, bent her eyebrows and smiled, but her tone was very powerful, “you can’t dismiss me so easily.”

She is not the original owner who will completely give her heart to a person and be trampled into the dust.

Let him try!

When Ruan linger returned to Chu Xiu palace, her heart was still “banging”. She recalled Wen Ying’s reaction over and over again. She was not sure whether she guessed what she did in it, or thought it was just an accident like others.

In the middle of the night, she quietly went to Wu Yuzhen’s room by moonlight. Like Wen Ying, she enjoys a separate room.

Wu Yuzhen sat quietly in the room waiting for her. When she came, she asked, “the cat has been returned?”

“Return, return, but the matter… didn’t work…”

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“En, you don’t have to worry about the follow-up. I’ll find someone to do it.” She said and asked, “does she know?”

Ruan linger bowed her head, “I’m not sure…”

“If I were her, I would wipe out people and things that feel dangerous first, whether I’m sure or not.”

Her calm and high tone made Ruan linger suddenly tremble and become at a loss.

At first, she just wanted to tell the other party about Wen Ying and the Crown Prince, and let them fight, but she didn’t expect to be coaxed into the game by the other party and become a knife in her hand. Wu Yuzhen promised herself that after Wen Ying had ruined her appearance, she would still save her and let her become the prince’s Liangdi. This condition made her ecstatic. Even if there was a risk, it was worth fighting!

She didn’t expect to fail.

Just when Ruan linger was anxious and hateful and didn’t know what to do, she heard the person opposite drink a mouthful of tea and asked softly, “dare you do it again?”

In the moonlight, half of Wu Yuzhen’s face was hidden in the dark and frightening.

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