WFILTU Chapter 307 – Accident II

In the middle of the night, Li Sitong suddenly cried in her sleep.

She kept waving her hands and feet and shouted, “Jiao Jiao! Let go of my Jiao Jiao! “

“Jiao Jiao——”

Cheng Shuo woke up and hurriedly hugged her——

“Sitong, Sitong, what’s the matter with you? Wake up! Hurry and wake up! “

Li Sitong was woken up by him, opened her eyes and shouted, “Jiao Jiao! My Jiao Jiao! Please help me save my Jiao Jiao!”

“Jiao Jiao is very good. Jiao Jiao is sleeping upstairs. Sitong Sitong, wake up, it’s just a dream. You were just dreaming.” Cheng Shuo hugged her and kept emphasizing that nothing had happened and comforted her gently.

Li Sitong finally calmed down and woke up from the nightmare with tears streaming down her face.

She suddenly hugged Cheng Shuo, put her wrist to her mouth and bit hard.

Cheng Shuo was surprised and hurriedly pulled out her hand. There were red tooth marks on it, which displayed the force applied.

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After taking out her hand, Li Sitong seemed to be unable to express her depression. She was so anxious that she produced a heavy gasp. She patted her hand on her chest with a sense of suffocation.

Cheng Shuo handed over his own arm. Li Sitong’s eyes turned red and she bit down.

She remembered in the end that he was the one she loved. She couldn’t be cruel. She soon calmed down and loosened her teeth.

Cheng Shuo kept patting her on her back and comforting her.

Li Sitong closed her eyes slightly, and tears flowed down.

She dreamed that she died!

Then she followed her daughter around blankly and watched those people guide Gu Xuejiao maliciously, making her an existence that everyone hated.

In her dream, no one in their family was happy except the bad guys.

She watched Gu Xuejiao being lured to do something wrong, and Cheng Shuo exhausted all his resources for her.

She shouted in her dream——no, not like this!

But no one paid any attention to her.

Later……she saw Gu Xuejiao tied up by Gu Shiyun, and finally……

No matter how she shouted, no one saved Jiao Jiao.

Her Jiao Jiao!

Why doesn’t she care more about Jiao Jiao! Why does she not love her more!

Li Sitong cried and looked up at Cheng Shuo——

“Ah Shuo, we should never let go of Gu Shiyun, okay?”


She slept a little late last night, but in the morning, Xue Jiao woke up at 5:50 on time. Originally, she could start reciting as soon as she got up.

But today she gave a slight shock and hurried down——


Liu Jiaxue was gone! !

Xue Jiao’s face turned white in an instant.

At this moment, she thought of many possibilities.

So early……where would Jiaxue go?

Go for a walk?


However, when Xue Jiao ran to the living room, she heard something from the kitchen.

She hurried over and just happened to see Liu Jiaxue wrapped up in an apron and making steamed buns.

Both pots were smoking and were obviously in use.

“Yi? Jiao Jiao, you’re up. “

Liu Jiaxue smiled at her gently. Against the faint light of the kitchen and the pot with white fog, it just seemed very warm.

Xue Jiao also exposed a smile and didn’t say how badly she was scared just now.

She just walked over and praised, “Jiaxue, how did you get up to cook!”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I just got up to cook. Isn’t your mother’s cooking not delicious? Don’t worry. I’m here. I’m a chef. I’m sure you will like it! ” Liu Jiaxue skillfully made steamed buns one after another.

Xue Jiao was stunned: “Jiaxue, you are too powerful, and where would there be guests to cook at other people’s homes……”

Liu Jiaxue stopped and stared at Xue Jiao: “Do you treat me as a guest?”

Xue Jiao touched her nose and shook her head quickly: “No, no, absolutely not the case!”

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  2. If i were Xue Jiao I would immediately cry out that JiaXue is now my sister for life, not a guest so live with me for as long as you like and ill help prep veggies every meal with you

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