SOOEW Chapter 236- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XIII

Those who can live in the Chu Xiu palace all displayed that they have passed the primary election of physical examination. The next step was to check their etiquette, then it would be the elimination of a group of people again, leaving enough beautiful women to match the descendants of the royal family, and then, they would decide the ownerships in the final election.

On this day, the ladies lined up in several rows and walked out of the back palace corridor.

But only Wen Ying was strange. A mask with ugly patterns and rough lines covered her face, which was particularly eye-catching among the beauties. When the female administrator saw her, she naturally advised her to take off the mask, but due to her identity, she didn’t dare to be too tough.

After a long discussion, she only heard her reply, “Auntie, feel at ease. I’ll take off the mask before entering the hall. I don’t dare to hinder the eyes of the Niang Niang. I’m worried that my makeup is not applied correctly and will be copied by others. Wouldn’t that be too bad? “

The headmistress felt both amused and vexed.

There were always many beauties fighting, and some have good-looking makeup, but she seemed arrogant when she mentioned this in front of all the others. This sentence really attracted the laughter of the people in the team one after another.

At the same time, the second prince, Yu Wenyu looked at them from a hiding place. He raised his eyebrows at the attendant beside him. “This was the imperial concubine selected for me by my mother?”

The attendant smiled.

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The imperial concubine and Empress took a fancy to the Wen family, but his second highness said frankly that unless Miss Wen was a beauty, he would not dare to marry and look at her every day, even losing his interest in doing business. As soon as the imperial concubine heard this, she wanted him to take a look at her. Unexpectedly, he saw such a scene……

“How can mother tell me that she was as beautiful as an immortal. The immortal was not seen, but there was one evil ghost. At this time, she still has to wear a mask. I think it’s because her beauty can’t be seen by anyone. Tut Tut, you ask my mother, the imperial concubine to deceive me less. For my imperial concubine, I want……Ai! “

Suddenly, the waiter saw his Highness’s expression change and looked at the direction of the “evil ghost” without blinking.

He only saw Wen Ying take off her mask because she worked hard to maintain order. She originally did it just for fun. When the mask went off, she exposed her makeup. With apricot eyes, peach cheeks and green eyebrows, her overall makeup was very light, which was not much different from usual, but only her naturally upturned lips, with a layer of gold powder on her mouth, which produced a good color in the sun.

After seeing her ugly mask, looking at herself makes people feel as if they were shocked by amazement for a moment.

With a woman’s instinct for cosmetics, the xiunv who was still laughing at her immediately approached her and asked her about the origin of her gold powder.

On the other hand, Yu Wenzhen shook the folding fan in his hand in the cold winter wind and thought that she was really beautiful and edible. Facing such a face, he could not only work, but also eat very much.

“Alright, mother imperial concubine has a good eye. It will be her.”

He folded the fan and clapped the board.

At the end of the check-in, with the permission of the female administrator, the ladies set up a banquet to celebrate. The Empress of the chamber, the imperial concubine and ladies also sent one or two delicacies to them to express their gratitude.

Wen Ying naturally passed this threshold. It’s just to expand her scope of making friends.

In this dynasty, it wasn’t that there was no gold powder for lip painting, but there were few that were good-looking and easy to use. Wen Ying had many good things at home. When she entered the palace, she had a box of good things in her bag. She immediately distributed them without stinginess and harvested a group of small attendants. It’s not necessarily good to have a small group of attendants, but always coming and going alone, makes her seem too lonely, or she couldn’t make friends, indirectly giving people the signal of “this person is not likable”.

Because of this, when the banquet opened, her side was particularly lively. After all, she had just formed a “good relationship”, and everyone came to propose a glass of wine.

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