SOOEW Chapter 237- The Reborn Crown Prince of Mind Reading XIV

“Sister Wen.” Ruan Linger’s voice sounded among many people. She was the person who had known Wen Ying the longest. As soon as she came, everyone gave her a place. She held two small cups in her hand and handed Wen Ying one, “I also propose a toast to Sister Wen. Thank you for your long care. “

“In theory, you are older than me. I can’t afford to be the sister.” Wen Ying’s wine cup was accepted, but in front of the crowd, she poured out the water and stared at Ruan Linger. “Moreover, it’s better to understand who takes care of who this time.”

Her tone was sarcastic. Ruan Linger just held the cup to her lips. She could only put it down and smiled awkwardly. “I was wrong about the previous things. I don’t ask for anything else. I just hope you can forgive me.”

She spoke vaguely. The people around Wen Ying only thought that she was angry about the last time she was almost scratched by a cat. In fact, they might not be so generous, but now the atmosphere was good. They all advised Wen Ying to forgive others. Besides, Ruan Linger didn’t mean it. The cat was not her cat. It was unknown that it would be so timid that it would go crazy when there were more people.

Seeing that Wen Ying was moved by the persuasion of the people, Ruan Linger moved her eyebrows and eyes, and handed her wine cup to Wen Ying, “Thousands of mistakes are all my fault. I hope Sister Wen……Miss Wen, won’t be angry with me, and will take care of your body.” Her words grew more humble.

Speaking of this, Wen Ying had to pick up the wine glass again.

Someone nearby poured Ruan Linger a new one. She raised her glass again.

“Wait.” Wen Ying shouted to her. She didn’t care. “Let’s exchange cups.”

Ruan Linger was stunned, “……what is this for? They are the same drinks.”

“Since it’s the same, it doesn’t matter if it were to be changed.” Then, Wen Ying sent the glass forward.

Ruan Linger’s hand had to be moved forward, but her arm was slightly stiff, which was far less natural than Wen Ying’s action.

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This was originally simple, but her one action was slow, unknown by how many beats, and she hasn’t been able to complete the exchange.

Everyone seemed to smell the conspiracy. They stopped persuading Wen Ying, even lost their laughter, and the field was strangely quiet. Everyone’s eyes focused on the two. Wen Ying didn’t care, but Ruan Linger straightened her body and perspired behind her.

In this silence, with a “Dong” sound, she finally couldn’t hold the pressure. The wine cup in her hand hit the ground and rolled around, spilling all the wine.

Wen Ying gave the cup in her hand to Bi Yue, “Bring it to the Gugu and let her deal with it. Human life is crucial. Be careful.”

The amount of information revealed by this was too large. None of the beauties who could stay here were fuel-efficient lamps. Seeing this, they all looked at Ruan Linger in horror. Even if they could always trip each other in the dark, they have never poisoned and killed people!

This was appalling!

They were half convinced, but they saw that Ruan Linger had knelt down in front of Wen Ying with a “plop”, hugged her leg and begged bitterly.

Even they couldn’t believe it this time. Fortunately, they didn’t really drink that glass of wine just now. Otherwise, weren’t they all accomplices?

It involved human life, and the female administrator was also placed in a very difficult situation. She must report to the Empress. Wen Ying and Ruan Linger, as the parties involved, naturally have to confront each other together. At the same time, before leaving, Wen Ying suggested: “Miss Wu should go too. First, there needs to be a witness, and secondly, she has talked to the Empress before. It’s easier than us for her to describe the situation.”

The female administrator praised it as a sound idea.

Wu Yuzhen glanced at Wen Ying, then calmly stood up from her position and went to Zhongcui palace with them.

It just happened that the prince had greeted the Empress and stood on the side of the hall looking at them.

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